I’ll Get You My Pretty!

elizabeth-montgomery-14veronica-lake-7Since we’re dedicating this Halloween Week to witches, who better to tell us the best and worst beauty advice than women who have been masquerading as lovely humans?

  • DO ask witches their anti-aging secrets! (Some are hundreds of years old!)angela-bassett-6stockard-channing-8
  • But, DO NOT suck the youth out of little children to stay young…sjp-26
  • DO use kitty cats to bring out your eyes (& keep warm)!kim-novak-4veonica-lake-6
  • DO NOT use mirrors to trap your twin sister in!cloris-leachman-1
  • DO support your local witches’ beauty business!sandra-bullock-13
  • DO NOT insult your hairdresser!angela-bassett-7jessica-lange-10
  • DO rock a dark manicure.jessica-lange-9
  • DO NOT set fire to buildings, just so you can make a smoky entrance.veronica-lake-8
  • DO encourage the use of natural products!lily-rabe-4
  • DO NOT doubt yourself or your beauty. 😉sjp-27
  • But DO summon intense weather for a killer background. 😉alice-englert-3
  • DO rock blue eyeshadow! anjelica-huston-2agnes-moorehead-6
  • DO NOT underestimate the power of a cat eye.elizabeth-montgomery-16
  • When it comes to hair, DO remember more is more!frances-conroy-10cher-6-susan-sarandon-9-michelle-pfeiffer-13
  • DO remember the impression a redhead can make!
  • DO NOT stress over a bad hair day – wear a wrap!angela-bassett-8jessica-lange-11
  • DO mix magic & hair!elizabeth-montgomery-15The-Craft-Hair
  • DO NOT flatten those natural waves.Cher-7-susan-sarandon-10-Michelle-Pfeiffer-14
  • DO experiment with unnatural hair colors, no matter your age!meryl-streep-4 
  • DO NOT let your skin succumb to the ravages of the sunstockard-channing-7-dianne-wiest-7!frances-conroy-11
  • DO shield your eyes from too much sun, too!jessica-lange-12
  • DO NOT smoke cigarettes!ahs-coven-6
  • DO know the importance of mood lighting.sandra-bullock-14
  • DO NOT lie!  It’s bad for your skin.stockard-channing-9kathy-bates-1
  • Finally, DO wear something black…emma-roberts-10-taissa-farmiga-3
  • And, DO NOT underestimate the power of a bold hat. :)jessica-lange-13

Happy Halloween!


cher-3-susan-sarandon-6-michelle-pfeiffer-11cher-4This “Tuesday Twosome” is a “Tuesday Trio,” and who better to feature during a week dedicated to witches than the Witches of Eastwick?  In the 1987 film, the beguiling ladies are played by everlasting beauties Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer.  They play Alexandra Medford, Jane Spofford, and Sukie Ridgemont, respectively – three friends who are drastically different, but all face the same issue: men trouble.  While lamenting and bonding one night, the women accidentally and unknowingly form a coven, and conjure the “perfect man.”  Unfortunately, the so-called perfect guy happens to be Satan!  And who better to play him than devilish Hollywood bad boy, Jack Nicholson?  Here, the three ladies play around in some gorgeous frocks.  Cher-5-Susan-Sarandon-8-Michelle-Pfeiffer-12Cher looks stunning in a black evening gown, with a subtle sequined detail; Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is sporting a slick black hat and a large-printed pajama set; and Susan Sarandon’s character, Jane, goes from nerdy music teacher to a voluptuous redhead in a gold lamé gown.  The film’s costume designer Aggie Guerard Rodgers mentioned in a 1990 article in the LA Times, she’s featured jewelry of her late mother in all of her work.  (Fun Fact: Rodgers is also the costumer from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, who designed our favorite black-and-white striped pattern the lead character wears!)  The witches look absolutely lovely here playing around, but things take a dark and dangerous turn, and they have to figure out a way to get rid of the once perfect boyfriend they all use to share!  (P.S. If you couldn’t tell from the details mentioned already, this movie is super weird!)susan-sarandon-7