veronica-lake-1In the 1942 flick I Married A Witch, Fredric March’s character Wallace Wooley states, “Mere physical beauty isn’t everything.”  That may be true, but did he even LOOK at this dress?  In the classic film, Veronica Lake plays Jennifer, a veronica-lake-3Salem witch veronica-lake-2who’s been stuck veronica-lake-4in a tree for hundreds of years, until a bolt of lightning sets her spirit free!  She’s put a curse on the family of the man who burned her at the stake, and after wandering around the modern world, accidentally drinks her own love potion meant for one of her enemy’s descendants!  It’s the definition of a screwball comedy from that era, and an adorable one to boot!  We had always pictured Veronica Lake as a tall, sultry actress, but she was barely 5’0, and the little cutie runs around this movie creating all sorts of havoc (apparently, not far off from the real life set either!)  In the book Vintage Fashion, Ottilie Godfrey describes in detail how Jennifer’s infamous black dress was made: “For Lake’s wardrobe in I Married a Witch (1942), Edith Head and her fellow costume designers were allowed to use acres of extravagant fabric to enhance the actress’s glamour and help boost public morale.  This black chiffon over nude silk evening dress with Guipre lace bodice detail and bishop sleeves is a perfect foil for Lake’s smoldering beauty.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Happy Halloween to all our bewitching beauties!veronica-lake-5