brad-pitt-4-cate-blanchett-4 For Valentine’s Day, we usually show our favorite looks from romances, and since the Day of Love fell on a “Fancy Friday,” it only made sense to feature a romantic gown.  (Apparently, RED is the color we like for this holiday, considering it was last year’s choice and also our first Valentine’s post).  Here is the magnificent Cate Blanchett with Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  This is one of this editor’s all-time favorite cinematic dresses, and I’ve wanted to write about it since we started theSkinnyStiletto.  Blanchett plays Daisy, a girl who falls in love with the boy next door, but the only problem is, he’s trapped in the body of an old man who ages backwards.  Here, he’s come to admit his true feelings for her, but it’s a bit awkward as benjamin-button-red-dress-sketchcate-blanchett-5she’s a bright, youthful dancer and he’s still deep into middle-age (at least physically).  Costume designer Jacqueline West (who was nominated for her work on this movie) described how it was her favorite look of the film to Elle: “The red dress has become kind of an icon piece. It was a compilation of some different Claire McCardell designs that I loved. The long ballerina-length skirt in 1947 – no one else was doing that really in America. It was strictly in Europe, in France. McCardell’s favorite color was red, and I put the hooks and eyes that she used on a lot of her clothing down the front as an homage to her.”  West also went on to say it was also Blanchett’s favorite, and director David Fincher doesn’t like red, so Blanchett said having never worn a red dress himself, he “was perhaps not aware of its power.”  The result was stunning, and the most memorable part of the film is the way Daisy performs her ballet sequence for Benjamin in the gown (pictured, below).  It’s the moment when the viewer realizes that they’re destined for each other, even if they’re at opposite ends of their lives.cate-blanchett-6-brad-pitt-5

Top 10 Best Wedding Dresses

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve counted down our least favorite bridal wear, favored bridesmaid looks, and vintage wedding dresses, so it’s only natural we finish off the Valentine’s week by showing our Top 10 favorite wedding gowns in film (especially on a Fancy Friday)!

1. Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson), The Wedding Planner Personally, I would have taken Bridgette Wilson over Jennifer Lopez.  She’s crazy.  But their characters did a good job picking out what Wilson’s character, Fran, wore on her wedding day.  This was the first bridal gown I can remember loving onscreen.  A sophisticated lace bodice with a small cream ribbon around the waist, a beautiful ballgown, delicate straps and a simple veil – I was in love.  Too bad Matthew McConaughey’s character didn’t feel the same way about this beautiful blonde on their wedding day… he goes for J. LO instead – no, thanks!  It’s no surprise this stunning creation is by bridal gown magnate Vera Wang.  LOVE IT!  <3

2. Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross), The Graduate The ceremony doesn’t last very long, and it’s probably the most famous interrupted wedding we can think of, but at least Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine, looks good when fleeing the church with Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate.  The beautiful lace gown was created by Charlotte Todd, who beat out many other designers to make the famous dress.  We would have taken Mrs. Robinson over her daughter – she’s way more interesting than her flaky spawn.  Our editors still think the film is overrated, but the fashion (and the great soundtrack) is certainly something to remember!

3. Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams), The Time Traveler’s Wife  We think Rachel McAdams looks adorable in anything, but after seeing her as a fictional bride in this 2008 drama, all we wondered was why someone hasn’t scooped up this cute Canadian for a real wedding!  Hehe, we only kid.  But she did look beautiful, as always, as Clare, a woman in love with a man, played by Eric Bana, who travels through time.  He nearly misses the wedding, but shows up in time to see her in this gown of simple elegance by Lea-Ann Belter.  The organza ballgown is called the Cecilia dress and hails from her Niagra Collection.

4. Tracy (Sasha Barrese), The HangoverThis movie really isn’t about a wedding as much as it is about the bachelor party that precedes it, but the bride, Tracy (Sasha Barrese), certainly looks beautiful on her big day.  This editor has been obsessed with the idea of a black and white wedding since middle school, so this is the perfect aesthetic in my mind.  Tracy sported a strapless Amsale dress with a black ribbon around the waist adorned with some delicate flowers.  It was from the line’s Fall 2008 Collection called the “Tyler” gown, and apparently is nowhere to be found for brides looking for a similar look! :(

5. Rachel (Piper Perabo), Imagine Me & You This 2005 film probably isn’t remembered for its elegant formal wear, as much as its edgy premise.  The film opens at the English wedding of Rachel, played by Piper Perabo, and Hector, the adorable Matthew Goode, but the bride ends up falling for the florist… who also happens to be a woman!  It’s a romance, but it’s certainly not a typical romance focused on the handsome groom!  Perabo looks just lovely when she meets her true love Luce (played by Lena Headey), while wearing a sophisticated, ballerina length gown.  The sheer neckline is beautiful and flattering, accented by a small white ribbon under the bust.  Costume designer Consolata Boyle told IFTN the dresswas made from scratch because in the text the character says ‘I look like a meringue.’ and yet I wanted the dress to look good and have a coolness to it too.”  Mission accomplished Ms. Boyle!  We adore it!6. Jennifer Grogan (Jennifer Aniston), Marley & Me This movie wasn’t particularly as popular as the book, but Jennifer Aniston looked stunning as dog-lover John Grogan’s bride.  She sported a floating satin and lace gown by Florida-based designer Carolina Boulton, which is fitting because the couple decides to move to Florida after their snowy wedding!  Accompanied by a silky cream shawl and falling snow, this scene is wildly romantic and why it ended up on our #6 spot!7. Liv Lerner (Kate Hudson), Bride Wars Kate Hudson may play the uptight one in this terrible movie with Anne Hathaway, but at least she gets to wear a magnificent ballgown by Vera Wang.  Hudson’s character, Liv, exclaims at one point, “You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!”  Those are wise words, but in reality the dress was designed specifically for the film – meaning Vera probably altered it to fit Hudson!  We love the dusty lilac ribbon to accent the bouquet!

8. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Admittedly, this dress would have been higher up on the list if the movie wasn’t so anti-feminist and ridiculous.  It’s actually not even that exciting from the front (as shown below), but dayum… That is one beautiful back!  Designer Carolina Herrera did the work on this stunning gown, which is studded in 152 white satin buttons down the backside.  Eighteen-year-old Bella Swan is marrying a vampire in the woods, but her gown is estimated to be around $35,000!  (Well, her husband has been of working age for about 100 years, so let’s hope he’s been saving all that money, haha!)  In terms of an appropriate style for a wedding gown, this is actually a fantastic selection, because it’s both conservative and very sexy – a hard combo to come by!  Every bride wants to look attractive on their wedding day, but they don’t want to look like a floozy either!  But then again, the character is deciding to sacrifice her life and future by marrying a bloodsucking old man stuck in a teenager’s body – she’s not exactly ahead of her time.  (Come on, you know in reality, Edward would probably be trolling for ladies in a nursing home so he could trade racist tirades, and find someone to listen to the Andrews Sisters with instead of a high school senior.)  But I guess they do make a lovely-looking couple, although Bella is so pale she kind of looks like the vampire here.  We’re all for staying out of the sun, but put on some blush, girl!

9. Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl), 27 DressesAfter putting on 27 horrible gowns, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, finally gets her moment in the sun (literally) at her own Long Island beach-side wedding at the film’s finale (did we ruin the ending for you?  Did you really expect her to die alone, surrounded by 27 cats and shreds of taffeta and tulle from 27 dresses?  NOT.)  Anyhow, earlier in the film, her selfish sister, Tess, ruined their dead mother’s vintage gown by cutting it up into a million pieces to create her own ugly, modern dress without consulting her big sis first.  But it leads Jane to find her own individual wedding, instead of just copying her mom.  And she chooses well – a simple, V-neck column gown by Amsale accentuates the star’s natural curves, and goes perfectly with her simple hairdo and yellow flowers.  Haha, too bad her friends weren’t nicer to her, or they could have worn pretty dresses, too!  😉

10. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sex and the City Her original gown may have landed her on our worst-dressed list, but we had to let Carrie redeem herself.  She is, after all, the biggest television fashion icon of our time.  In the 2008 film, her first wedding dress was accessorized terribly, but it’s quite the opposite from the frock she finally goes with.  Carrie originally spots this vintage silk suit, and decides that what she wants to marry Big in.  But some of her friends disagree, which eventually leads to this mess…  When it’s time for Carrie and Big to tie the knot the way they originally hoped, Carrie puts her original suit back on, with her “something blue” – a pair of Manolo Blahniks!  What else would Carrie wear?!  The designer actually named the shoe “Something Blue Satin Pump,” which retails for about $895.  The creators did a play on Cinderella, with Big eventually proposing with Carrie’s version of her glass slipper, after leaving her pumps behind in the apartment she and Big intended to buy.  It’s the quintessential ending to Miss Bradshaw’s singledom (although, in the book, she stays single… aren’t we ever the pessimists?!)  Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! <3


Audrey Hepburn has donned the most famous little black dress, so it’s no surprise she’s probably worn the most iconic red dress, too!  For our final Valentine’s week post, we’ve chosen Hepburn wearing this legendary strapless, column gown by Givenchy in the 1957 film, Funny Face.  Her character, Jo Stockton, goes from a mousy bookworm to an international model, and this is her infamous arc – running down the steps of the Louvre in Paris, coming into her own, just like her sister statue at the top of the staircase, The Winged Victory.  (FYI, it’s really hard to recreate this shot when visiting Paris, because this place is always crawling with tourists… Hehe.)  The gorgeous clothing in this film is from the often-paired Edith Head and Hubert de Givenchy.  Who knew their partnership, and sometimes rivalry, would appear in so many historical cinematic moments?! <3

Top 10 Best Bridesmaid Gowns

Earlier this week, we featured the Top 10 WORST Bridesmaid Gowns from film and television (an adjective that is usually attached to attendants’ dresses), but in the beautiful gowns below, it seems the brides were much kinder to their friends!

1. Monica Geller & Rachel Green (Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston), Friends We wish we could find better photos of these stunning gowns by Michael Kors, because they’re our favorite bridesmaid dresses on film!  It’s no surprise Phoebe is the most freethinking of the six characters we came to love over the ten seasons of Friends, but we were stunned at the glamorous choices she picked for her girlfriends to wear for her wedding to Mike (played by Paul Rudd).  Her best friends, Rachel and Monica, put on two-tone gowns with sleeveless gold-accented antique lace tops, with different full skirts in muted amber and blue tied with satin ribbons around their waists.  The wedding was surprisingly elegant for the go-to hippie of the group, but nothing is ever the norm for Phoebe, and the couple decides to get married in the middle of a freak snowstorm when they can’t make their original venue!  Which is why the bridesmaids all have winter coats on!  Even the pretty pink, soft blue and white coats look beautiful on the two-toned dresses complemented by bright wild flowers and falling snowflakes, which is why these dresses our #1 choice!  It’s so romantic, you actually feel like you’re watching one of your best friend’s weddings! <3

2. Tracy (Sasha Barrese)’s Friends, The Hangover For a film about a dopey foursome of guys and the shenanigans they get into, the girls certainly looked elegant.  The groom may be missing, but the bride and her maids look lovely while waiting.  Black and white is how I’ve envisioned my wedding since I was a child, so obviously Tracy and Doug’s wedding appealed to me tremendously.  It’s amazing how sophisticated the black dresses with white sashes look on the older bridesmaids, while the flower girls look angelic in white dresses with black sashes.  The older girls sported Betsey Johnson Fall 2008 dresses, while the little girls wore J.Crew “Alison” dresses made of ivory silk.  Black sashes were added to the flower girls’ outfits to match the bridesmaids.  The women look like they’re out of a fairy tale in this raunchy comedy!

3. Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Sex and the City Charlotte York was featured earlier this week with her three best friends for the worst bridesmaid dresses, but there was a time when Sex and the City was much simpler – like when it was on TV, hehe.  Here is Kristin Davis as the prim and proper Charlotte in one sexy bridesmaid gown.  In the episode, Charlotte exclaims how excited she is to wear a black halter gown to her friend’s wedding, instead of the usual hideous dresses she had to wear in the past.  This is extremely elegant and subtly sexy – the perfect combination!

4. Jenny Perotti (Jennifer Garner), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past This movie got terrible reviews, but we thought it was pretty cute.  There were some tender moments between siblings and some hilarious moments with Emma Stone as the lead’s first girlfriend haunting him.  Here is Jennifer Garner as Jenny Perotti at her sister’s wedding in the 2009 film.  This dress has been noted as burgundy in other articles, but we think it looks much closer to eggplant.  Costume designer Denise Wingate got the stunning dresses from Jenny Yoo, and couldn’t say enough nice things about Yoo’s shop.  The gowns are very sophisticated and feature the most beautiful necklines on the list.

5. Alicia & Charisse (Maggie Castle & Jane McClean), The Time Traveler’s Wife Her husband may travel through the ages, but Clare’s bridesmaids look timeless.  Rachel McAdams is such a cutie in real life, it’s no surprise her onscreen alter egos are just as nice as she is, putting her friend, Charisse, and sister, Alicia, in lovely shades of sage for her nuptials.  Costume designer Julie Weiss said, “The bridesmaid dresses were designed so that the bridesmaids felt like they were part of the wedding party but still individuals.  And that’s the way it should be for an artist’s wedding.”  The group looks gorgeous, and altogether actually they look like they belong in a real bridal portrait!

6. Sarah Walker, Julia Walker & Rebecca Harper (Rachel Griffiths, Sarah Jane Morris & Emily VanCamp ), Brothers & Sisters This ABC drama about a large family in California was certainly addictive for our editors, but not that popular among other crowds.  Anyhow, when Kitty Walker gets married, she asks her female relatives, Sarah and Julia Walker, along with possible half-sister Rebecca Harper, to act as her maids in these lovely white-piped chocolate gowns.  Each woman dons a different style dress, but all look gorgeous and complement one another beautifully.7. Claire & Gloria Cleary (Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher), Wedding Crashers  Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher are adorable to begin with, so it couldn’t have been too hard to pick out dresses for them in this 2005 flick.  The two play sisters, Claire and Gloria, who hook up with a pair of best friends at their other sister’s nuptials, and it’s no wonder – those are some sexy dresses!  We don’t love nude, but the backless, silk beige gowns look just lovely on McAdams and Fisher’s fair complexions.  No wonder Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn fall so hard for these sensual siblings!

8. Casey & Tess (Judy Greer & Malin Akerman), 27 Dresses In this film, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane Nichols, has to wear a lot of ugly gowns to please her friend’s many theme weddings (what was that about?)  But when it comes her time to walk down the aisle, she’s very kind to her sister, Tess, and best friend, Casey, putting them in delicate, soft yellow gowns that go with the beach theme of her Long Island nuptials.  But the rest of her bridesmaids aren’t so lucky – they have to sport the 27 gowns she saved for all those years (pictured, below)!  Haha, revenge sure is sweet! 😉

9. Alexis (Kate Hudson), My Best Friend’s Girl  This is a raunchy comedy about a guy (played by Dane Cook) who falls for… well, his best friend’s girl.  With zero expectations, our editors actually enjoyed it (despite parts of the montage at the end – it’s funny until that).  Alexis (Kate Hudson) is in the girl in question, and when her sister gets married, she gets to wear one pretty frock – an off-the-shoulder scarlet Amsale gown.  If the sleeves weren’t so slouchy, this dress would be closer to the top of our list, and probably more flattering on the bust.  But it sure does float like a cloud!

10. Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald), Sixteen Candles This dress is definitely a little dated, but man, it’s just so romantic!  Samantha Baker is not having a good day.  Her sister decided to get married the day after her sixteenth birthday, but it seems no one remembered whose day it was first!  Molly Ringwald was the teen queen of the 1980s, and the shot of her in her bridesmaid gown after her love, Jake Ryan, brings her a birthday cake to celebrate with is iconic.  While we’re not totally in love the floral wreath upon her lovely red hair, Molly still pulls it off.  We love this light lavender chiffon gown, that actually photographs pink in other shots.  Talk about a great birthday!


For this Valentine’s Day post, we’re featuring our favorite outfit from the British romantic comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Hugh Grant and a group of friends experience life in death in this clever 1994 film by Mike Newell.  Grant’s character falls for a fashionable American girl named Carrie, played by Andie MacDowell.  She makes her grand appearance at one of the weddings featured in the film, donning a cream-colored suit, a dark camisole and the perfect accessory for attending British nuptials – one hell of a big black hat!  She certainly makes an impression, because Grant ends up completely falling for the raven-haired beauty.  The costumes were created by Lindy Hemming, who did an excellent job capturing the look of the mid-1990s in England.  We hope you find love like these two this Valentine’s Day! <3


We’ve been featuring our favorite looks from romantic movies for Valentine’s Day, and now that we’re getting closer to February 14th, we’ll be debuting some of our favorite looks from wedding films!  Because what’s a better topic than matrimony for V-Day?  (Chocolate, actually… Lots of chocolate!)  Anyhow, here’s our first look from 27 Dresses.  Malin Akerman plays Katherine Heigl’s shallow sister, Tess, in this movie about a perpetual bridesmaid, and this is when she makes her first appearance.  She’s a model who just lost her job and is returning to New York – in skinny black pants, heels and a cute black and white halter top by Phillip Lim, accompanied by lots of designer luggage and a cute guy!  It’s the perfect outfit for returning to NYC in, and turning her big sister’s life upside down in!

Words on Fashion

It would be mortifying to the feelings of many ladies, could they be made to understand how little the heart of a man is affected by what is costly or new in their attire… Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.” – Excerpt from Jane Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey

Wednesday’s Shoe

For this Valentine’s Day, sport some fun-loving footwear!  This perfect peep-toe pump for Valentine’s Day was created by Los Angeles-based company Twenty10 Footwear.  They are adorned with a tiny Hello Kitty face, and cost $95.00.  They sure are cute, even if they are a little young… (Hearts, heels and Hello Kitty?  I’m pretty sure these are exactly what I, a Valentine’s baby, would have designed for myself as a 9-year-old girl when I grew up.) 😉


For this “Pink Wednesday,” we’re featuring the most iconic pink dress in history: Marilyn Monroe’s shocking pink gown in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Marilyn plays a gold-digging dancer named Lorelei Lee, who’s real profession should be husband-hunting in this 1953 romantic comedy.  Designed by William Travilla, Monroe sported this strapless frock while performing her famous number, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” (We guess she never had a dog?)  It’s accessorized nicely with matching opera-length gloves, a platinum blonde bob, and oodles of glittering diamonds!  Fun Fact: If this isn’t the most famous pink dress of all-time, it’s certainly the most expensive.  The gown was put up for auction in 2010, and was bought for a staggering $310,000!


Dawson and Joey.  Kevin and Winnie.  Aidan and Carrie.  Some of the greatest unrequited love stories don’t just occur on the silver screen, but appear to us on our favorite TV shows.  Here are Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett discussing their relationship after attending a black and white ball together.  This may be my all-time favorite outfit Carrie Bradshaw sports, despite how simple it is.  Paired with a handsome Corbett in a black tuxedo, SJP looks like his perfect match (and bride-to-be) in this white, strapless, stunning Badgley Mischka number which the designer appropriately named the “Carrie” gown.  Unfortunately, the couple only looks perfect together, and breaks up in this beautiful scene.  Not all romances end happily ever after, and we’ll always have Carrie to remind us of that.