gloria-swanson-1Happy New Year!  For the first “Fancy Friday” of 2016 we’re featuring Gloria Swanson in her iconic role in Sunset Boulevard.  She stars as a washed-up actress in Hollywood named Norma Desmond, who is slowly losing her grip on reality more and more each day.  What a dazzling way to start the new year!  We picked this look more for the way Norma looksgloria-swanson-2 in the photos below – definitely how we usually feel the day after December 31st!  In the 1950 film, she throws herself a New Year’s Eve party with a full orchestra for her kept man of sorts Joe Gillis (played by William Holden).  She buys him a tux, dolls herself up in this fabulous creation by costume designer Edith Head, and then informs Joe Gloria-Swanson-4it’s just the two of them at this gala… Oh, boy.  It obviously goes great – don’t worry Joe!  Norma seems totally fine… Head’s outfit is the perfect analogy for Norma Desmond’s mental state: she sports a dark glamorous chiffon gown, but varying pieces of fabric are sticking out and trying to hang on (much like Norma and her career), while she saturates herself in accessories – a creepy black veil and headpiece, doused with dozens of diamonds, attempting to cover up her age and the fact that she’s done for.  Her look is beautiful, but clearly crumbling.  The night goes about as well as can be expected – Norma attempts to kill herself because Joe goes to a different party.  Here’s hoping your new year is better than Norma’s!