SPOILER ALERT!  This “Tuesday Twosome” has been years in the making, and our editors have been waiting that long for Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky to finally get together!  On the television show, How I Met Your Mother, a man named Ted Mosby describes to his children how he and their mother met… and it’s taken him eight years to get there, instead mostly telling stories about his early years in New York City with his best friends.  We still don’t know who Ted’s wife is, but we’ve always been more interested in the unlikely romance that blossomed between Ted’s ex-girlfriend, Robin, and his womanizing best friend, Barney, instead.  Played by the always cool Neil Patrick Harris, we featured Barney’s notorious love of suits in one of our earliest posts.  The wildly cynical and seemingly shallow one of the group had very few interests other than style, women under 30, Italian ties, blogging, scotch, and money…  Robin was a beautiful Canadian TV reporter, played by Cobie Smulders, and a true man’s woman; a lover of dogs, the outdoors, guns, scotch, hunting and not taking any crap.  Lovers of HIMYM soon realized she was better suited (no pun intended) for Mr. Stinson than the slightly soft and always romantic Ted Mosby.  (This editor knew it the very first time Robin put on a black suit, drank from a rocks glass, and acted as Barney’s wing-woman, when his male friends couldn’t pull through.)  The show and the characters end up being a little predictable, especially after eight seasons, but just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the writers throw you for a complete loop.  Last season, they kept showing a wedding scene in the future that the audience assumed was Ted’s, but were shocked to find out it was actually Barney’s… When Barney proposed to his stunning girlfriend, Quinn, in the season finale, all hope was drained until the last minute of the show, when Robin turned out to be the bride of the future!  Last night, the writers surprised us again when it seemed like Barney was going to ask someone else to marry him, when in the end, it was all an extremely intricate “play” – the last one he’ll ever use from his notorious playbook – called “The Robin,” which ended in him bending down on one knee and proposing to her in a gorgeous holiday setting!  Needless to say, it was this editor’s all-time favorite episode, and Barney and Robin have never looked better!  Entertainment Weekly spoke to the show’s costume designer Reiko Kurumada, who told the magazine, “As as soon as I got the script, I had this vision of what I wanted Robin to be wearing. I really just wanted a classic, simple, gorgeous gown. I looked high and low, different department stores, different designers, and I couldn’t find the perfect gown,” until she browsed Monique Lhuillier’s website and found what she was looking for… a drop-dead gorgeous sparkling red gown, which she accessorized with a black fur-trimmed coat from Alice + Olivia, and a pair of Nadri earrings.  Barney, the show’s best-dressed character, wore a Dolce & Gabbana suit, a stylish striped scarf, and his favorite Burberry coat to ask his bride-to-be the ultimate question.  Kurumada revealed to EW that actor Neil Patrick Harris actually chose the engagement ring his character asked with, because he wanted to make sure it looked like Barney had gone all out for Robin.  It was the perfect Christmas episode with the perfect couple.  We can’t wait for this posh pair’s wedding! <3