I’ll Get You My Pretty!

elizabeth-montgomery-14veronica-lake-7Since we’re dedicating this Halloween Week to witches, who better to tell us the best and worst beauty advice than women who have been masquerading as lovely humans?

  • DO ask witches their anti-aging secrets! (Some are hundreds of years old!)angela-bassett-6stockard-channing-8
  • But, DO NOT suck the youth out of little children to stay young…sjp-26
  • DO use kitty cats to bring out your eyes (& keep warm)!kim-novak-4veonica-lake-6
  • DO NOT use mirrors to trap your twin sister in!cloris-leachman-1
  • DO support your local witches’ beauty business!sandra-bullock-13
  • DO NOT insult your hairdresser!angela-bassett-7jessica-lange-10
  • DO rock a dark manicure.jessica-lange-9
  • DO NOT set fire to buildings, just so you can make a smoky entrance.veronica-lake-8
  • DO encourage the use of natural products!lily-rabe-4
  • DO NOT doubt yourself or your beauty. ūüėČsjp-27
  • But DO summon intense weather for a killer background. ūüėČalice-englert-3
  • DO rock blue eyeshadow! anjelica-huston-2agnes-moorehead-6
  • DO NOT underestimate the power of a cat eye.elizabeth-montgomery-16
  • When it comes to hair, DO remember more is more!frances-conroy-10cher-6-susan-sarandon-9-michelle-pfeiffer-13
  • DO remember the impression a redhead can make!
  • DO NOT stress over a bad hair day – wear a wrap!angela-bassett-8jessica-lange-11
  • DO mix magic & hair!elizabeth-montgomery-15The-Craft-Hair
  • DO NOT flatten those natural waves.Cher-7-susan-sarandon-10-Michelle-Pfeiffer-14
  • DO experiment with unnatural hair colors, no matter your age!meryl-streep-4¬†
  • DO NOT let your skin succumb to the ravages of the sunstockard-channing-7-dianne-wiest-7!frances-conroy-11
  • DO shield your eyes from too much sun, too!jessica-lange-12
  • DO NOT smoke cigarettes!ahs-coven-6
  • DO know the importance of mood lighting.sandra-bullock-14
  • DO NOT lie!¬† It’s bad for your skin.stockard-channing-9kathy-bates-1
  • Finally, DO wear something black…emma-roberts-10-taissa-farmiga-3
  • And, DO NOT underestimate the power of a bold hat. :)jessica-lange-13

Happy Halloween!


Maureen O’Hara is probably the most notable actress from the Emerald Isle, but she happens to be one of our favorite girls, too!¬† (Probably because of that fiery Irish independence and temper that seems to come through in all of her characters!)¬† Here she is in her most famous role as Mary Kate Danaher in the 1952 film The Quiet Man.¬† O’Hara plays an Irish girl who gets married off to an American boxer (played by John Wayne), much to her dismay.¬† Here, Mary Kate is sporting a cream-colored tweed jacket, a navy blue dress, and a greenish-grey tam o’shanter that perfectly complements her enigmatic eyes and gorgeous red locks.¬† Obviously, the two still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye in this particular scene (pictured, below), but they eventually realize they’re made for each other!¬† Fun Fact: Our parents used to leave out our VHS version of The Quiet Man when we were little girls, to make it look as though leprechauns had watched it while we were sleeping the night before March 17th!¬† Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and Erin Go Bragh!


Today, one of our favorite actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age turns 91!¬† The stunningly gorgeous redhead Maureen O’Hara has a habit of playing strong-willed Irish girls (because there’s so few of those… hehe!)¬† Here, she’s wearing a gorgeous 1950s soft pink halter gown, with a white bust in one of the most famous pictures of the golden girl.¬† It’s also quite perfect for Pink Wednesday! <3¬† Happy 91st Maureen!

Poison Ivy League

“She’s pretty as a daisy but look out man she’s crazy, She’ll really do you in, Now if you let her under your skin, Poison Ivyyy…” ¬†Apparently female scientists become mad much faster than their male counterparts in comic books, because it seems a lot of them don’t lead peaceful lives (refer to yesterday’s featured Comic-Con character Dr. Jean Grey). ¬†Poison Ivy started out her life as Pamela Lillian Isley. ¬†She first appeared in Batman #181 in 1966 (pictured, left). ¬†Pamela was an orphaned botanist from Seattle seduced by a thief who steals an ancient Egyptian artifact full of herbs. ¬†Fearing she will tell, he tries to poison her with the deadly plants, but instead she builds immunity to all natural disease and toxins. ¬†Her early biography is changed later in the Batman comics to being seduced by a professor while she’s studying advanced biochemistry. ¬†In an experiment, the professor injects her with poison on several occasions, which almost kills her, but she’s driven insane by the tests. ¬†This makes her have violent mood swings and she drops out of college (bad move). ¬†Leaving Seattle, she goes to Gotham City to basically become an eco-terrorist. ¬†Poison Ivy interests include protecting the environment, growing plants in unexpected places and bothering Batman. ¬†In some issues, she actually has a romantic relationship with Batman – but beware! ¬†Her kiss can literally kill people! ¬†(Hmm… sounds like someone had a bad breakup with their hippie girlfriend in college when this was written!) ¬†Even though she’s generally evil, growing lovely green plants do help beautify the bad parts of Gotham and taking in 16 orphaned children to raise, due to her own tragic childhood, are some of the complex, compassionate characteristics of this villainess. ¬†On screen, she is portrayed in a far more evil light (ironic, considering the live-action film is more cartoonish than the cartoon…) ¬†Played by Uma Thurman in the 1997 box-office bomb, Batman and Robin, she is definitely the most interesting part of the movie. ¬†Also poisoned by an evil professor in the beginning of the film, Pamela Isley turns from a frumpy tree-hugger into a gorgeous chlorophyll-ed sexpot. ¬†She is generally dressed in shades of emerald, lime, pine, fresh-cut grass, and of course, vines of ivy. ¬†Her vibrant red hair is always nicely-complemented by her affinity for the color green. ¬†Her sexy appearance is due to the fact that her image was based on Bettie Page. ¬†Casting Uma Thurman would have been an odd-choice, considering she was generally a blonde waif in the 1990s, but she actually does have a gorgeous hourglass figure, so it was a natural fit. ¬†Poison Ivy’s lethal combination of sex, evil and nature makes us think she was based on another garden girl… named Eve? ¬†Ah, maybe religious roots and deep-seated sexism is a little too serious for this fashion blog! ¬†But Ivy does have some kick-ass digs. ¬†Her green tights, capes, bodysuits, vibrant scarlet hair and floral accessories make Poison Ivy one of the best-dressed girls of Gotham! ¬†This botanic babe’s movie wardrobe is one of the closest transitions from graphic novel to film screen. ¬†Even though she isn’t the nicest person, her clothing, confidence and chlorophyll make her one of our favorite comic book antagonists!


Our final Irish Look-of-the-Day is Saffron Burrows from Circle of Friends.¬† A charming movie set in Ireland, Burrows plays Nan, a small-town girl who tries to social climb, and the frenemy of Minnie Driver’s lead character.¬† All of Nan’s clothes are gorgeous, but it’s hard to find photo stills from this film.¬† Here Nan is wearing a belted teal-green shirt-dress, and even though it’s supposed to be the 1950s, this outfit would still look great today without any changes.¬† Burrows once again reinforces the fact that redheads look fantastic in green.¬† Maybe that’s why it’s Ireland’s national color…¬† Until next year, Erin Go Bragh!