judy-garland-2Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…” Judy Garland swoons in Meet Me in St. Louis, which ended up becoming a very popular holiday carol.  What better dress to feature than Miss Garland’s gorgeous red gown from the 1944 classic for a “Fancy Friday” that landed on December 25th?!  judy-garland-3Judy Garland stars as the main sister of a large St. Louis family who attends a local Christmas ball in this stunning scarlet velvet gown.  After returning home from the party, she sings the beautiful carol to her baby sister, Tootie (played by Margaret O’Brien).  To be honest, I never saw the film until falling in love with the 2005 flick The Family Stone, in which oldest sister Susannah watches the movie alone on Christmas Eve.  It’s a melancholy scene in both films, as both leading ladies reflect on how their next Christmases will sadly not be like their past holidays.  It’s heartbreaking, but a thoughtful reminder of how seasons really do change, for better or for worse.  Merry Christmas! <3judy-garland-4