meg-ryan-3meg-ryan-4The last time we featured Meg Ryan also happened to be a New Year’s Eve post – guess America’s sweetheart gets kissed a lot!  In the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, Ryan plays an uptight New Yorker whose best friend happens to be a man (played by Billy Crystal), and the two spend years together without realizing they’re absolutely perfect for each other. The movie laid the groundwork for a lot other rom-coms, and while Meg Ryan’s clothing is preppy and pristine throughout the whole film (outfitted by costume designer Gloria Gresham), the dresses she sports are actually pretty dated.  Doesn’t mean she’s any less cute in them!  Here, Harry & Sally spend New Year’s Eve together, which foreshadows the importance of the holiday for them later in the movie… Our editors had trouble finding a photo of the final New Year’s scene, but we did find these cute pics from Mirror80, which did an adorable feature on Sally’s earlier NYE dress and how to update the off-the shoulder, ruffled look!  Later, these two realize they’re right for each other on Dec. 31st, which is probably why this holiday is so over hyped – everyone’s waiting for a declaration of love that doesn’t come lol!  Have a very Happy New Year’s anyway! <3     meg-ryan-5