Editor’s Obsession

jordxLost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin.  At first glance, a wristwatch made of wood evokes a certain amount of masculinity, but its sophisticated nature (and JORD’s precise sizing) made a perfectly chic addition to my wardrobe!  The best thing about a wooden watch?  It goes with everything!  It adds a dapper feel to any frock, and dresses up any sweater and jeans combo.  This edition is part of the Dover series, and is made of zebrawood and dark sandalwood.  Created of sustainable products, it was also remarkable to discover JORD is eco-friendly!jord6jord4  Upon opening the lovely wooden box it came in, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning – inside, the timepiece sits upon a little pillow just waiting for you to wear it!  Watches have always been a favorite accessory of this editor, because it’s essentially a piece of jewelry that serves a utilitarian purpose.  (It’s also more elegant to simply raise your wrist to tell the time than rifling through your bag to look for your cell phone!)  The gorgeous craftsmanship of JORD conjures images of chopping cabin wood, going yachting or walking down Madison Avenue.  At the same time, it makes us want to eat breakfast at Tiffany’s, and go for a hike with Teddy Roosevelt.  It’s both classic and rustic: the perfect culmination of American style.jord2 Wood Watch