2016 Golden Globe Rundown

Jennifer-Lawrence-23saorise-ronan-1We don’t know why, but lately the Golden Globes have started to become theSkinnyStiletto‘s favorite red carpet!  Maybe it’s because it’s the first major red carpet event of the new year and stars are looking make an impression, or because they’re not trying as hard as they would at the Oscars, but lots of our favorite gowns from the past few years have been at the Globes!  This year, the running theme was WHITE (fittingly enough, that also seems to be the controversial theme at the Oscars, too…)  In this instance we mean white dresses, of course.  Our editors’ favorites were Saoirse Ronan (pictured, top right) in Hedi Slimane’s couture work for Saint Laurent, and Alicia Vikander (below, left) in subtly sequined and ruffled Louis Vuitton.  One of our alicia-vikander-1favoriteCate-Blanchett-7 new actresses, Vikander has been taking Hollywood by storm, and she looked like she scoffed up the sexiest Little House on the Prairie apron ever created!  Other ladies sporting the hue were Laverne Cox, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda, Lily James, Judith Light and Taraji P. Henson (pictured, bottom).  Ms. Henson took home a Golden Globe for her performance on Empire, and although we’ve never seen the show, her caped creation by Stella McCartney was showstopping!  The other color of the night was mustard – we loved everything about Jennifer Lopez’s dress, except that color… Lola Kirke and America Ferrara also sported the shade of yellow, but it didn’t do them any favors.  Melissa McCarthy and Julianne Moore both sported shiny, blue metallic and we didn’t like it on either of them.  It’s a hard material to pull off, and it didn’t flatter either of the lovely ladies.  Our other favorites were Jennifer Lawrence (pictured, top left) in clearly her favorite color – red (Dior, of course) and Cate Blanchett (pictured, above right) in pale pink fringe by Givenchy.  Both were unusual choices, but these two leading ladies always sport high fashion in an understated way, it’s hard not to take notice!  Great start to the season!taraji-p-henson-1


brad-pitt-4-cate-blanchett-4 For Valentine’s Day, we usually show our favorite looks from romances, and since the Day of Love fell on a “Fancy Friday,” it only made sense to feature a romantic gown.  (Apparently, RED is the color we like for this holiday, considering it was last year’s choice and also our first Valentine’s post).  Here is the magnificent Cate Blanchett with Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  This is one of this editor’s all-time favorite cinematic dresses, and I’ve wanted to write about it since we started theSkinnyStiletto.  Blanchett plays Daisy, a girl who falls in love with the boy next door, but the only problem is, he’s trapped in the body of an old man who ages backwards.  Here, he’s come to admit his true feelings for her, but it’s a bit awkward as benjamin-button-red-dress-sketchcate-blanchett-5she’s a bright, youthful dancer and he’s still deep into middle-age (at least physically).  Costume designer Jacqueline West (who was nominated for her work on this movie) described how it was her favorite look of the film to Elle: “The red dress has become kind of an icon piece. It was a compilation of some different Claire McCardell designs that I loved. The long ballerina-length skirt in 1947 – no one else was doing that really in America. It was strictly in Europe, in France. McCardell’s favorite color was red, and I put the hooks and eyes that she used on a lot of her clothing down the front as an homage to her.”  West also went on to say it was also Blanchett’s favorite, and director David Fincher doesn’t like red, so Blanchett said having never worn a red dress himself, he “was perhaps not aware of its power.”  The result was stunning, and the most memorable part of the film is the way Daisy performs her ballet sequence for Benjamin in the gown (pictured, below).  It’s the moment when the viewer realizes that they’re destined for each other, even if they’re at opposite ends of their lives.cate-blanchett-6-brad-pitt-5


The 84th Academy Awards will take place this Sunday, and in honor of the ceremony, we’re showing some of our favorite costumes from Oscar-nominated films.  This “Tuesday Twosome” is the star-crossed couple from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett play Benjamin and Daisy, who fall in love at opposite ends of the age spectrum, and end up “meeting in the middle.”  Here, Daisy has just finished teaching a dance class, and Benjamin comes to see her in khakis, a white t-shirt, and one delicious charcoal sweater.  (But, let’s be serious – that man looks sexy in anything.)  Daisy is wearing a de rigueur dance uniform – a black leotard and wrap skirt, soft pink ballet slippers and a matching shrug.  Costume designer Jacqueline West told the LA Times, “One of the first things I tried on Cate were the ballet clothes, and she put those clothes on and become a ballerina.  She had studied dance and she would just change her whole posture, even her feet would go out, like dancers’, and her back was straight and she’d tuck her heinie in and she would just become a dancer.  You don’t get that with every actress.”  The elegant Blanchett certainly looks at home as a ballet teacher in black and pink, and even though their outfits are quite simple here, Benjamin and Daisy’s love story is anything but…

2011 Oscar Rundown

This year’s Oscar ceremony was hosted by two of Hollywood’s hottest young stars and we must admit – the youth of this show were definitely dominating our “Best Dressed” list.  Our two favorite gowns were Reese Witherspoon in Armani Privé (pictured, top left) and Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture, (pictured, top right).  Witherspoon looked very sophisticated in black and white, with a 1960s up-do and Neil Lane diamond and emerald drop earrings.  Kunis was just stunning in lavender lace and Neil Lane diamonds, as well.  Twenty-year-old Jennifer Lawrence (pictured, left) was red-hot in Calvin Klein and Jimmy Choo shoes.  Very simple accessories, yet exquisite hair and makeup.  Cate Blanchett was daring, as always, but looked absolutely fantastic in lilac Givenchy Haute Couture (pictured, right).  Celine Dion (pictured, bottom center) was unbelievably pretty in Armani Privé, considering she just had twin boys… And the hostess with the most-ess, Anne Hathaway, looked beautiful in white and crystal-embroidered Couture Givenchy (pictured, bottom right), a scarlet Atelier Vesace gown (pictured, bottom left), and easily the best pumps of the night – Brian Atwood Swarovski-crystal stilettos during her musical number.  Overall, theSkinnyStiletto was kind of bored with the other bright colors, sparkly nudes and mermaid style dresses.  These gals did it best – and their famous counterparts should mimic their commitment to being adventurous and glamorous, without sacrificing true style – or at least drop the trends everyone else is wearing.