kaley-cuoco-2kaley-cuoco-3Happy New Year!  Our editors’ mother came up with the perfect pink dress for New Year’s Day that falls on a “Pink Wednesday” – Kaley Cuoco’s petal pink wedding gown from last night!  The Big Bang Theory star wed boyfriend Ryan Sweeting in a New Year’s Eve party/wedding on December 31st.  The Vera Wang creation made her a blushing bride in more ways than one.  The strapless tulle ballgown had a sweetheart neckline, with hand appliqué Chantilly lace accents.  Cuoco also wore a veil by Wang, which was nude tulle, also with petal-pink floating hand appliqué Chantilly lace.  The bridesmaids wore various styled black dresses, making a beautiful & unique looking wedding party.  Happy New Year to you all & congrats to the happy couple!! <3kaley-cuoco-4


Honestly, this editor didn’t really know exactly who Shenae Grimes was until today.  She’s a Canadian actress who appears on the revamped 90210, and I don’t know much about her, other than that she has amazing style.  (Oh, and that she’s half-Italian and half-Irish, just like our editors!)  Today, she wed British model/musician Josh Beech outside London, wearing a stunning black and blush wedding gown by Vera Wang.  Black is this editor’s absolute favorite color, and I just adore the idea of incorporating it into a bridal gown.  Right before separating from her husband, Wang debuted her Fall 2012 Collection that was saturated it shades of midnight.  Grimes chose the silk and lace #9 look called the “Josephine.”  Combined with swept-up hair, bright white accents, and deep scarlet roses, the dark wedding gown was a stunning surprise, and today’s choice for “Fancy Friday.”


Today, one of our favorite actresses and fashion icons, Miss Keira Knightley, became a Mrs. when she married Klaxons keyboardist James Righton, in a quiet ceremony in the south of France.  (Which is kind of funny, because the last few times we featured Keira was on the Best & Worst Dressed lists of onscreen brides!)  So, who better to write about on her wedding day than the beautiful bride herself?!  The modest Brit supposedly only had eleven guests in attendance for the ceremony, and donned an adorable blush tulle dress by Chanel (for which she is the face of the brand’s perfume, Coco Mademoiselle).  She complemented the outfit with a custom jacket and ballet flats by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, black wayfarer sunglasses, daisies in her hair, and a literal skip in her step!  It brought to mind another favorite fashion icon of ours on her own wedding day: Audrey Hepburn, who would have turned 84-years-old today.  The ultimate style icon, wed first husband Mel Ferrer in the countryside, wearing a knee-length dress and of wreath of flowers in her hair, too!  (Fun Fact: Audrey married Ferrer, on September 25th, 1954 – our mother’s 2nd birthday, while Keira was married today, May 4th, which is not only Audrey’s birthday, but my sister and co-editor’s, as well! <3)  Keira’s pink wedding dress is getting all sorts of buzz, because bloggers have noticed it looks strikingly similar to the frock she wore at a pre-BAFTA party in 2009.  A multimillionaire and megastar who recycles her own dresses, even on her wedding day?  Her stunning old Hollywood looks aren’t the only thing that reminds us of yesteryear – her modesty is astounding, and endears her to us.  Now you know why we have remained devoted and loyal fans of the ever humble and elegant Keira Knightley.  Congratulations to the happy couple! <3


Ondine tells the tale of a woman (Alicja Bachleda) that ends up in the net of an Irish fisherman (Colin Farrell), and he and his daughter attempt to figure out if she’s just a pretty girl, or possibly a nymph from the sea.  I guess we’re kind of ruining the ending by showing this scene, although we’re not telling if she’s a woman, or a Selke. 😉  But we just love Ondine’s simple white, capped-sleeve wedding gown.  The dress’s eyelet detailing actually looks like a Celtic design, and the knee-length silk veil with tiny flower buds on the bottom looks lovely on Ondine’s loose mermaid waves.  It’s the perfect bridal look for an Irish wedding on a fishing boat.  Especially when the bride may actually hail from the sea…

Top 10 Best Wedding Dresses

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve counted down our least favorite bridal wear, favored bridesmaid looks, and vintage wedding dresses, so it’s only natural we finish off the Valentine’s week by showing our Top 10 favorite wedding gowns in film (especially on a Fancy Friday)!

1. Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson), The Wedding Planner Personally, I would have taken Bridgette Wilson over Jennifer Lopez.  She’s crazy.  But their characters did a good job picking out what Wilson’s character, Fran, wore on her wedding day.  This was the first bridal gown I can remember loving onscreen.  A sophisticated lace bodice with a small cream ribbon around the waist, a beautiful ballgown, delicate straps and a simple veil – I was in love.  Too bad Matthew McConaughey’s character didn’t feel the same way about this beautiful blonde on their wedding day… he goes for J. LO instead – no, thanks!  It’s no surprise this stunning creation is by bridal gown magnate Vera Wang.  LOVE IT!  <3

2. Elaine Robinson (Katharine Ross), The Graduate The ceremony doesn’t last very long, and it’s probably the most famous interrupted wedding we can think of, but at least Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine, looks good when fleeing the church with Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate.  The beautiful lace gown was created by Charlotte Todd, who beat out many other designers to make the famous dress.  We would have taken Mrs. Robinson over her daughter – she’s way more interesting than her flaky spawn.  Our editors still think the film is overrated, but the fashion (and the great soundtrack) is certainly something to remember!

3. Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams), The Time Traveler’s Wife  We think Rachel McAdams looks adorable in anything, but after seeing her as a fictional bride in this 2008 drama, all we wondered was why someone hasn’t scooped up this cute Canadian for a real wedding!  Hehe, we only kid.  But she did look beautiful, as always, as Clare, a woman in love with a man, played by Eric Bana, who travels through time.  He nearly misses the wedding, but shows up in time to see her in this gown of simple elegance by Lea-Ann Belter.  The organza ballgown is called the Cecilia dress and hails from her Niagra Collection.

4. Tracy (Sasha Barrese), The HangoverThis movie really isn’t about a wedding as much as it is about the bachelor party that precedes it, but the bride, Tracy (Sasha Barrese), certainly looks beautiful on her big day.  This editor has been obsessed with the idea of a black and white wedding since middle school, so this is the perfect aesthetic in my mind.  Tracy sported a strapless Amsale dress with a black ribbon around the waist adorned with some delicate flowers.  It was from the line’s Fall 2008 Collection called the “Tyler” gown, and apparently is nowhere to be found for brides looking for a similar look! :(

5. Rachel (Piper Perabo), Imagine Me & You This 2005 film probably isn’t remembered for its elegant formal wear, as much as its edgy premise.  The film opens at the English wedding of Rachel, played by Piper Perabo, and Hector, the adorable Matthew Goode, but the bride ends up falling for the florist… who also happens to be a woman!  It’s a romance, but it’s certainly not a typical romance focused on the handsome groom!  Perabo looks just lovely when she meets her true love Luce (played by Lena Headey), while wearing a sophisticated, ballerina length gown.  The sheer neckline is beautiful and flattering, accented by a small white ribbon under the bust.  Costume designer Consolata Boyle told IFTN the dresswas made from scratch because in the text the character says ‘I look like a meringue.’ and yet I wanted the dress to look good and have a coolness to it too.”  Mission accomplished Ms. Boyle!  We adore it!6. Jennifer Grogan (Jennifer Aniston), Marley & Me This movie wasn’t particularly as popular as the book, but Jennifer Aniston looked stunning as dog-lover John Grogan’s bride.  She sported a floating satin and lace gown by Florida-based designer Carolina Boulton, which is fitting because the couple decides to move to Florida after their snowy wedding!  Accompanied by a silky cream shawl and falling snow, this scene is wildly romantic and why it ended up on our #6 spot!7. Liv Lerner (Kate Hudson), Bride Wars Kate Hudson may play the uptight one in this terrible movie with Anne Hathaway, but at least she gets to wear a magnificent ballgown by Vera Wang.  Hudson’s character, Liv, exclaims at one point, “You don’t alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera!”  Those are wise words, but in reality the dress was designed specifically for the film – meaning Vera probably altered it to fit Hudson!  We love the dusty lilac ribbon to accent the bouquet!

8. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Admittedly, this dress would have been higher up on the list if the movie wasn’t so anti-feminist and ridiculous.  It’s actually not even that exciting from the front (as shown below), but dayum… That is one beautiful back!  Designer Carolina Herrera did the work on this stunning gown, which is studded in 152 white satin buttons down the backside.  Eighteen-year-old Bella Swan is marrying a vampire in the woods, but her gown is estimated to be around $35,000!  (Well, her husband has been of working age for about 100 years, so let’s hope he’s been saving all that money, haha!)  In terms of an appropriate style for a wedding gown, this is actually a fantastic selection, because it’s both conservative and very sexy – a hard combo to come by!  Every bride wants to look attractive on their wedding day, but they don’t want to look like a floozy either!  But then again, the character is deciding to sacrifice her life and future by marrying a bloodsucking old man stuck in a teenager’s body – she’s not exactly ahead of her time.  (Come on, you know in reality, Edward would probably be trolling for ladies in a nursing home so he could trade racist tirades, and find someone to listen to the Andrews Sisters with instead of a high school senior.)  But I guess they do make a lovely-looking couple, although Bella is so pale she kind of looks like the vampire here.  We’re all for staying out of the sun, but put on some blush, girl!

9. Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl), 27 DressesAfter putting on 27 horrible gowns, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, finally gets her moment in the sun (literally) at her own Long Island beach-side wedding at the film’s finale (did we ruin the ending for you?  Did you really expect her to die alone, surrounded by 27 cats and shreds of taffeta and tulle from 27 dresses?  NOT.)  Anyhow, earlier in the film, her selfish sister, Tess, ruined their dead mother’s vintage gown by cutting it up into a million pieces to create her own ugly, modern dress without consulting her big sis first.  But it leads Jane to find her own individual wedding, instead of just copying her mom.  And she chooses well – a simple, V-neck column gown by Amsale accentuates the star’s natural curves, and goes perfectly with her simple hairdo and yellow flowers.  Haha, too bad her friends weren’t nicer to her, or they could have worn pretty dresses, too!  😉

10. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sex and the City Her original gown may have landed her on our worst-dressed list, but we had to let Carrie redeem herself.  She is, after all, the biggest television fashion icon of our time.  In the 2008 film, her first wedding dress was accessorized terribly, but it’s quite the opposite from the frock she finally goes with.  Carrie originally spots this vintage silk suit, and decides that what she wants to marry Big in.  But some of her friends disagree, which eventually leads to this mess…  When it’s time for Carrie and Big to tie the knot the way they originally hoped, Carrie puts her original suit back on, with her “something blue” – a pair of Manolo Blahniks!  What else would Carrie wear?!  The designer actually named the shoe “Something Blue Satin Pump,” which retails for about $895.  The creators did a play on Cinderella, with Big eventually proposing with Carrie’s version of her glass slipper, after leaving her pumps behind in the apartment she and Big intended to buy.  It’s the quintessential ending to Miss Bradshaw’s singledom (although, in the book, she stays single… aren’t we ever the pessimists?!)  Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! <3

Top 10 Vintage Wedding Gowns

In honor of Valentine’s Day this Thursday, we’ve created lists of our favorite, and least favorite, bridal wear on film!  And what’s more romantic than a wedding?!  (Probably a lifetime of commitment, but you usually have to get married first to do so!)  Our first list is our Top 10 favorite vintage gowns on film.

1. Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright), The Princess Bride Technically, this is a made-up era (since it’s just a storybook), but it’s our absolute favorite old-fashioned wedding gown on film!  Robin Wright played the title character of a fantasy novel being read to a tiny Fred Savage by his grandpa.  Even if her dress is imaginary, it’s stunning nonetheless.  Legendary costume designer Phyllis Dalton, who won Oscars for Henry V and Doctor Zhivago, created the medieval wardrobe for this 1987 film.  Princess Buttercup is about to be married off to an evil prince, but her peasant-turned-pirate lover, Westley, interrupts to save the day!  Her bridal gown is simply gorgeous.  It’s an empire-waist gown of intricate pearl work and soft white flocked velvet with just a hint of blue.  Accented by Wright’s flowing waves and probably the prettiest tiara of all-time, it’s no wonder two men are fighting over Buttercup!  Plus, Andre the Giant gets to be her Maid of Honor!  :)  “As you wish…” <32. Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams), The Notebook Rachel McAdams looks good in anything you put her in, so it’s no surprise she looked impeccable as a 1940s lovelorn woman in this 2004 romance with former boyfriend, Ryan Gosling.  (Watching this movie now breaks our hearts, because we just want them to reunite!)  The clothing in this film was designed by Karyn Wagner.  In this scene, Rachel’s character, Allie, is getting fitted for her wedding gown for her upcoming society nuptials and sees something in the newspaper that stuns her – the love of her life has completed his wish by refurbishing his formerly beat-up dream home.  She’s the only part that’s missing is his soul mate, Allie Hamilton.  This editor’s dream wedding gown is Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely’s stunning lace gown from their 2001 Irish wedding, so I obviously loved the old-fashioned lace McAdams’ sports here.  She may be getting fitted as a bride to another man, but she still looks gorgeous and straight out of the post-WWII era.  Ugh, we don’t want to hear about another celebrity wedding unless it’s McAdams and Gosling eloping in the Carolina setting where they met.

3. Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), Funny FaceThis is probably the most recognizable bridal look on our list.  Here’s our icon, Audrey Hepburn, in the film Funny Face.  She’s actually not getting married in this scene, but modeling a wedding dress in her new-found career.  The tea length gown, delicate lace gloves, and tiny veil epitomize high-end bridal fashion of the 1950s.  Legendary costume designer Edith Head, and longtime outfitter of the starlet Hubert de Givenchy created the clothing in this famous fashion film.  (Fun Fact: Givenchy didn’t receive his due credit – or the Oscar that came with it – for his stunning work on Hepburn’s earlier film Sabrina, so for this 1957 movie, Hepburn personally made sure that Givenchy would receive a film credit.  No wonder she remained one of his most loyal friends for the rest of their lives!)

4. Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt), The Young VictoriaThis movie is a dramatized version of the early years of the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria, and while not all the facts are correct, it’s still a great movie with a powerful performance by Emily Blunt as the title character.  Costume designer Sandy Powell won her third Academy Award for her amazing work on this film, and based the the gown on the real queen’s dress.  It’s described as, “An ivory duchess silk satin dress with antique lace detail as well as an ivory silk satin train with silk flowers sewn on. Finished with an antique cream silk lace veil.”  With a flowered wreath upon her head, and adorned with royal jewels, it’s hard to believe these photos of Emily Blunt are from this decade!  She and co-star Rupert Friend look right at home in their 19th century roles (pictured, below) as one of the most famous couples in history, Victoria and Albert, who are easy to root for.5. Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews), The Sound of Music The plot of this 1965 film sounds so ridiculous, it has to be true: an adventurous, freethinking and musically-inclined nun becomes a live-in tutor and nanny to a military captain’s seven unruly children, eventually breaking the rug-rats and bonds with them, decides to leave the church to become their full-time mother, after falling in love for their rigid father, and creates a family singing group.  Oh!  And they escape the Nazis!  Sounds made-up, but it’s actually the incredibly true story of the Von Trapp Family, and it’s one of the greatest movies ever made.  Julie Andrews plays the lead character, Maria, and when she marries Captain Von Trapp (played by the dashing Christopher Plummer), she doesn’t look so bad herself!  Here, Maria is getting married on the cusp of World War II, but in reality, the couple was already married and on baby #3 by the time Hitler took power.  This gown has a very 1930s/40s feel with the high collar and long sleeves, and the veil was an astounding fourteen feet long!  Andrews makes one heck of a glamorous nun!

6. Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s ChestOne of Johnny Depp’s pirate movies certainly doesn’t seem like a likely candidate where a vintage wedding gown would be found, but Keira Knightley gets to sport a gorgeous gold ballgown in this Disney sequel!  Costume designer Penny Rose created this stunning bridal outfit of golden silk taffeta and tons of beaded pearl work.  Accented by a long white veil, a bouquet of calla lilies, and lots of raindrops, she makes one magical, and tragic, bride.  The editors of The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes wrote a lovely analysis of this memorable gown.7. Margaret “Clover” Russell (Angelina Jolie), The Good ShepherdThis film is about the birth of the Office of Strategic Services and its segue into becoming the CIA – not exactly a romance.  Unfortunately, this wedding scene is also a bit of a sham.  Without revealing too much, Matt Damon’s character is trapped into marriage by a classmate’s wild sister named Clover, played by Angelina Jolie.  Interestingly enough, we’ve seen another beautiful costume Jolie wears in the 2006 film mentioned in top wedding dress lists, but it’s not her bridal gown.  It’s the outfit she’s wearing when she meets Damon’s character for the first time.  Here, she’s wearing a classic 1930s cream-colored gown with a slightly poofed shoulder and lovely satin buttons at the wrist.  Costume designer Ann Roth commented, “I knew a lot of Clovers in my life.  They went to finishing school; there was a glamor about them, but it was very homegrown.”  Clover looks like a movie star, but in reality ends up having the personality of a hag!  Poor Matt!

8. Cinzia Zaccardi (Sophia Loren), Houseboat In this 1958 film, Sophia Loren plays an Italian girl named Cinzia looking to get away from her overbearing father, and ends up living on a houseboat as a housekeeper, or a nanny, or whatever to widower Cary Grant and his three children.  It’s actually pretty hilarious, despite being nearly 60 years old, and definitely worth renting.  We’re pretty much ruining the ending by showing you this scene, but it seems Cary Grant’s character likes having an Italian sexpot with a smart mouth live on his houseboat, and they marry.  Cinzia sports a beautiful, long-sleeved white lace gown, fitted at her tiny waist and adorned with satin white buttons down the front, accompanied by an elaborate head piece and a short veil.  It’s very traditional-looking, and perfect for an Italian-American wedding during the 1950s.  No surprise here, the stunning clothing Cinzia brings with her from Italy were designed by the legendary costume designer Edith Head.  Fun Fact: During the filming of this comedy, Carlo Ponti obtained a divorce in Mexico from his first wife, and married Sophia Loren by proxy while she made the movie in Hollywood, even though Loren was actually dating co-star Cary Grant at the time!  That must have made things awkward onset…9. Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire (Keira Knightley), The DuchessOne of our dedicated readers told us we should just feature Keira Knightley in period clothing, and for real – this girl can wear a dress.  Any dress!  Be it her stunning gown in Atonement, or costumes from the 19th century, this Brit looks drop dead gorgeous in anything.  In this film, she plays Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, who is married young, and finds she’s much spunkier than her very cold husband.  In reality, the Duchess was nicknamed the “Empress of Fashion,” in her day.  Costume designer Michael O’Connor says of the 1700s dress, “It’s the second costume you see in the film – a creamy silk with lots of decoration. It’s a way of being flamboyant, but not as ostentatious as if she were married in the presence of the king and queen. It’s a grown-up dress; it says she’s apprehensive about her future.”  Unfortunately the marriage seems to cause nothing but heartbreak for the rest of her life, but at least she has several beautiful daughters, and her vast interest in politics to keep her busy – as well as a steamy affair with future prime minister Charles Grey!  Guess she really did have a passion for politics! 😉

10. Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst), Marie AntoinetteThis is another historical film about a European queen during her youth – although it doesn’t end as happily for Marie Antoinette as it does for Queen Victoria (the beheading puts a damper on things).  The Austrian princess, played by Kirsten Dunst, is married off to the heir of the French monarchy, and lives a life of extreme luxury at her peasants’ expense.  Her wedding was no exception.  She dons this intricate 18th century gown, trimmed with gold, lace and bows – perfect, considering the bride was only fourteen-years-old in real life!  The aesthetics of this Sofia Coppola movie are so beautiful, we’ll eventually write an article on all of the costumes featured in the 2006 film, but for right now we’re just showing her bridal wear.  Italian costume designer Milena Canonero won her third Oscar for her historical and elaborate work on the movie.


theSkinnyStiletto had been on a bit of hiatus at the end of September, because one of our editors had been in North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C. over the last two weeks, and this gorgeous couple was one of the destinations!  Here are Leigh and Jerry, a former “Tuesday Twosome,” on their wedding day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  This stunning bride looks like a magazine ad, but she is surprisingly not!  Leigh wore a sophisticated high-neck gown with a plunging back and a fitted waist.  The gentlemen seated at my table could not get over how much she resembled a J.Crew model!  Leigh accessorized her look with a fabulous feather (pictured, insert left), strands of pearls wrapped around her wrist with matching drop earrings, and a bouquet of yellow flowers, which matched Jerry’s tie!  His slick dark suit made this couple one posh pair!  This beautiful photograph above was courtesy of the extremely talented Genevieve Stewart.  Her work can be seen on her blog of the same name.  The wedding was incredibly intimate and charming, and I feel absolutely blessed to have been a part of it.  Here’s wishing Leigh and Jerry all the best! <3

Carolina Herrera Unveils 2012 Bridal Collection

Since we’re celebrating engagements here at theSkinnyStiletto, what better topic to cover than bridal gowns?!  Recently, the ever elegant Carolina Herrera revealed her Fall 2012 bridal collection.  If big, poofy princess gowns are your kind of thing, then Herrera’s Collection is definitely not for you.  (Although the ball gowns from her Spring 2012 Collection are simply divine, and remain understated.  See photos of the “Alise” and the “Eleanor,” pictured below.)  The Venezuelan-born designer selected sophisticated columns and simplicity as the themes for these bridal dresses.  The Collection is getting more than the usual amount of attention dedicated to bridal fashion, because one of the gowns will be worn by Bella Swan in the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the movie adaptation of the fourth novel in the Twilight series.  Although it’s probably more appropriate for Bella to wear something black and gothic, since she’s marrying a walking corpse, but sure, high-end fashion always turns up in the wedding ceremonies of west-coast teenagers that take place in the woods…  Herrera’s long sheaths and belted waists are romantic, classy and are definitely unique in a time when weddings keep getting too over-the-top.  They are absolutely beautiful and sure to make any bride look timeless.

Words on Fashion

It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.” – Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen and designer of the princess’s gown.


Today Kate Middleton went from college girlfriend to Princess Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.  This philanthropic, down-to-earth, educated, true British beauty deserves any royal title she’s given.  She has graced the world with the most regal and elegant gown in the history of royal weddings.  When Catherine descended her chariot (a Rolls Royce), the female newscasters all said the same thing, “Her dress looks very much like Grace Kelly’s.” Although the dresses have the same theme with the high collar and long sleeves done in lace, there was something about the people’s Kate that stood out amongst all the former brides.  The mystery behind the dress’s designer was one of the best-kept secrets in British history!  Sarah Burton, the creative director for the late Alexander McQueen, earned an art foundation diploma at Manchester Polytechnic before interning for McQueen during her third year at Central St. Martins (where McQueen also attended school) studying print fashion in London.  Burton graduated in ’97 and became McQueen’s protégé after school.  Catherine’s dress was fitted at the waistline and accompanied by a nine-foot train in a striking yet subtle floral embroidered pattern that continued to the front.  The bodice was a sweetheart bustier shape kept under long lace sleeves and extending collar.  The little peek-a-boo of skin at the neck was the perfect accent to looking modern and tasteful.  Catherine was definitely a “veil bride” versus a “hair bride” by keeping her chocolate tresses down in soft curls as she normally does, and put the attention on a soft, mantilla-styled headdress with lace piping and of course the Cartier platinum tiara.  The tiara was made in 1936 and bought by Prince William’s great-grandfather, King George VI, for William’s great-grandmother.  Queen Elizabeth was then given the tiara on her 18th birthday by her mother and lent it to the new Princess for her special day.  Catherine’s maid of honor, her sister Pippa, also donned a custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen ivory gown.  Both the bride and the maid of honor wore earrings made by Robinson Pelham.  Catherine’s earrings were a wedding gift from her parents and were made to look like her family’s new coat of arms.  They had pave-set diamond acorns in the center of pear-shaped diamond drops.  Pippa wore floral diamond earrings with a coordinating headpiece.  Hopefully future brides take cues from the Duchess of Cambridge, instead of the horrible Bridezillas we see so much of.  Catherine’s equation to being a stunning bride: softness, sophistication, subtly, and all smiles!