Editor’s Obsession

jordxLost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin.  At first glance, a wristwatch made of wood evokes a certain amount of masculinity, but its sophisticated nature (and JORD’s precise sizing) made a perfectly chic addition to my wardrobe!  The best thing about a wooden watch?  It goes with everything!  It adds a dapper feel to any frock, and dresses up any sweater and jeans combo.  This edition is part of the Dover series, and is made of zebrawood and dark sandalwood.  Created of sustainable products, it was also remarkable to discover JORD is eco-friendly!jord6jord4  Upon opening the lovely wooden box it came in, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning – inside, the timepiece sits upon a little pillow just waiting for you to wear it!  Watches have always been a favorite accessory of this editor, because it’s essentially a piece of jewelry that serves a utilitarian purpose.  (It’s also more elegant to simply raise your wrist to tell the time than rifling through your bag to look for your cell phone!)  The gorgeous craftsmanship of JORD conjures images of chopping cabin wood, going yachting or walking down Madison Avenue.  At the same time, it makes us want to eat breakfast at Tiffany’s, and go for a hike with Teddy Roosevelt.  It’s both classic and rustic: the perfect culmination of American style.jord2 Wood Watch

Editor’s Obsession

Sometimes when I’m alone, I take the pearl from where it lives in my pocket and try to remember the boy with the bread…”  While searching for a photo of Josh Hutcherson in costume during our tribute to The Hunger Games, one of our editors found this snapshot.  These “Peeta Bread Earrings” are the creation of the incredible jewelry designer and blogger, Christine Tyler.  They are perfect little slices of bread with bright pink hearts in the middle. The bread’s name itself is a play on words; instead of it being called pita, it’s aptly named “Peeta” for the strong-willed baker’s son, Peeta Mellark, from the popular trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  The pink hearts represent the creator’s love for Peeta, who is easily the most likeable character in the series, and it’s not hard to understand why… He represents everything good, humane, honest, and true.  He is salt of the earth and as wholesome as the bread he bakes.  Christine designs with such originality and precision, it’s amazing the amount of detail she can master on such a small accessory (you can see the actual texture of the bread!)  We love them and can wear them with anything… and nearly do!

Mockingjay Jewels Catching Fire

They let you wear one thing from your district in the arena. One thing to remind you of home. Will you wear this?”  The mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games has become as synonymous with the story as Katniss Everdeen herself, and a symbol of rebellion against the atrocities of the Capitol.  The pin shows a bird in flight – the hybrid of a mockingbird and jabberjay, the fictional bird created by the government to spy on people in the outer districts of Panem, to report any sort of uprising brewing.  For the film, former Tiffany & Co. designer Dana Schneider (pictured, below) was hired to created the symbolic accessory.  She had previously worked with the movie’s costume designer, Judianna Makovsky, and is a favorite among clients, including Cher and Marilyn Manson.  According to the New York Times, Schneider doesn’t own the copyright (the design is author Suzanne Collins and a Brooklyn couple’s creation) and despite endless requests to make copies, the jeweler only made four pins – three for the film, one for herself!  Even though we can’t get one of Schneider’s original creations for Katniss, dozens of sites are selling their own version.  Cafe Press has pages of accessories, as well as Amazon and Etsy (for all of Schneider’s success, she does actually have her own Etsy store!)  This editor isn’t proud to admit it, but after I finished reading The Hunger Games, I jumped on the craft site and bought a mockingjay necklace, bracelet and pocket watch… hehe.  But that bird represents bravery, honor, sacrifice, rebellion, survival and standing up for what’s right – in these precarious times, that is certainly an accessory we can get behind.

Tom Binns: Jewel of the Emerald Isle

Tom Binns is the famous designer behind many of the beautiful baubles First Lady Michelle Obama dons on a regular basis.  Our editors thought it made sense to feature this Irish designer in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.  Binns was born in Belfast, Ireland (the ancestral hometown of our editors, which only endears him to them further), and has been living in Venice Beach, CA for the past few years.  He graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1981 with a degree in jewelry design, and got his start during the “Punk Era” in London.  Binns was influenced by the Dada Movement, and is now considered the pioneer of the “junk-jewelry.”  Aka, he’s an alchemist – he makes garbage into gems.  The low-key designer seems to be making fun of high-priced accessories as often as he… well, makes high-priced accessories.  In his early days, Binns made pirate jewelry for Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s “new romantic” clothing lines, and his love of skulls stayed with him, as he’s made the unusual shape pretty popular with his famous rings.  In 1981, he created his first collection, made entirely of rubber – and his rubber fish bracelets became quite a hit.  He eventually went on to work with other offbeat materials, such as safety pins and nails, as well as beach glass and driftwood for his collaboration with Calvin Klein.  Binns won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Accessory Designer of the Year Award in 2006.  Binns’ most notable fan is the current First Lady.  Michelle Obama has been seen wearing his creations at a party thrown for her by notorious Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, and above at a White House gala.  Binns went on to open his first store in New York in 2009.  Last year, Binns collaborated with Disney Couture for the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to make Lewis Carroll-esque pieces.  (One of theSkinnyStiletto‘s favorite style inspirations).  Prices ranged from $100 to $1,500.  The resulting mismatched hearts, teapots, rabbits, and keyholes cemented the idea that the quirky tale was a perfect match for the quirky designer.  Tom Binns is something quite rare in the jewelry industry – original.  It’s no wonder other designers copy his work.  Binns’ pieces are creative, glamorous and fun, and we’re looking forward to his career in the fashion world.  That’s why theSkinnyStiletto crowns him the jewel of the Emerald Isle.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Necklaces