beautiful-creatures-dressIn this bewitching edition of “Fancy Friday,” we’re showcasing Miss Lena Duchannes (played by Alice Englert) in Beautiful Creatures.  The box office bomb debuted on this editor’s birthday (Valentine’s Day), and she absolutely loved the 2013 flick!  Based on the novel of the same name, it tells the story of an ordinary boy who falls for an extraordinary girl.  Set in the deep south, the two fall in love, while spending copious amounts of time cracking sardonic jokes and reading lots of books – I mean, what’s not to like?  The characters also wear some killer clothes!  Without revealing too much, this scene happens to be the climax of the film, and Miss Duchannes sports this mystical ballgown.  Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland explained to Entertainment Weekly, “I designed the top of the gown as a man’s shirt might look, open and loose, which I felt was more her style.”  The open shoulders on the belted corset, paired with the grays and lavenders in her layered skirt create a mesmerizing look.  These photos don’t even do the dress justice – you have to see the film to really appreciate it!  It’s also the outfit Lena wears when she finally learns to stand on her own and defend herself; and there’s no better accessory than STRENGTH!alice-englert-2