billie-burke-1Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Glinda asks Dorothy, upon her arrival in the wonderful world of Oz.  Who else would we feature on “Pink Wednesday” than the most famous good witch of all?  Billie Burke played the witch of the north in the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz, and dons an enormous soft pink, sparkling ballgown, with poofed sleeves and a matching crown and scepter.  The film’s costume designer was the legendary Adrian.  When Dorothy is surprised at how lovely Glinda is, she responds, “Only bad witches are ugly.”  In The Wizard of OZ FAQ, by David J. Hogan, our editors were shocked to learn Glinda’s gown was featured previously in the movie, San Francisco (1936) on Jeanette MacDonald.  Hogan also mentioned that Billie Burke once joked of her costume, “I look like a refugee from German opera.”  Burke wasn’t far off, but it’s a cinematic look that has gone down in history.  Good thing no one dropped a house on this dress!billie-burke-2

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  1. So pretty in pink. This dress always reminds me of cotton candy! What a perfect dress for a good witch. :)

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