Top 10 Fashion Tips of a ’90s Teenage Witch

fairuza-balk-1-neve-campbell-1-robin-tunney-1-robin-true-1In the week leading up to Halloween, we’re featuring our favorite looks from our favorite witches onscreen!  This editor was OBSESSED with the 1996 film The Craft, which is basically just a runway of the ultimate goth girl looks from the mid-90s.  It tells the story of a new girl in town, named Sarah (Robin Tunney), who befriends two shy girls named Rochelle (Robin True) and Bonnie (Neve Campbell), along with their intense friend Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk), who to this day still scares the hell out of me.  In this Halloween edition of Little Black List we’re counting down the “Top 10 Fashion Tips of a ’90s Teenage Witch,” as told by the girls of The Craft.  Note: Sabrina wouldn’t agree with most of this. 😉

1. Put your own unique spin on your school uniforms.fairuza-balk-2-neve-campbell-2-robin-tunney-2-robin-true-2 2. Tinted sunglasses & floral frocks are essential for nature walks and bus rides.fairuza-balk-3-neve-campbell-3-robin-tunney-3-robin-true-33. Oversized outerwear is very important when summoning Manon at the beach.fairuza-balk-4-neve-campbell-4-robin-tunney-4-robin-true-44. You can never wear too much black. fairuza-balk-5-neve-campbell-5-robin-tunney-5-robin-true-55. Make sure to wear comfy overalls during levitation – you may fall!6. Refer to the classics: lace-up, pointed Victorian boots are must-haves!the-craft-boots7. Chokers, crosses & rosaries are the only necklaces worth wearing.fairuza-balk-7-neve-campbell-7-robin-tunney-7-robin-true-78. Vinyl plastic is the fabric of intimidation.fairuza-balk-8-neve-campbell-8-robin-true-89. Combine all of the lessons above when you’re about to have meltdown.fairuza-balk-910. Once the leader of your coven is committed, make sure to wear really terrible shiny clothing, so we know you’re safe.robin-tunney-8