Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Elizabeth-Montgomery-1bewitchedElizabeth-Montgomery-2Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I…”  This editor is only bothered and bewildered by how little information there is out there on the fashion of the classic TV show Bewitched!  This editor absolutely LOVED this show, but since my parents didn’t have cable, I would have to wait and watch it at friends’ houses (hoping and praying I would get to sleep over and catch it on “Nick at Night!”)  It centered on a lovely housewife named Samantha Stephens, played by the gorgeous elizabeth-montgomery-3Elizabeth Montgomery, who was hiding a little secret – she was a witch!  Inspired by the films I Married a Witch and Bell, Book and Candle, it tells the tale of your everyday, stunning blonde who’s hiding her witchcraft from the man she loves!  There’s also a cooky, older relative who keeps interfering with their lives!  (Guess struggling to find new material isn’t a recent problem in Hollywood… 😉 )  The show premiered in 1964, and Samantha’s costumes are heavily influenced by former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, whose husband President John elizabeth-montgomery-4elizabeth-montgomery-5F. Kennedy had been murdered only months before the first episode aired.  As pictured in the photos above, Samantha dons a soft pink Chanel suit, a classic black shift with a string of pearls, and a beautiful A-line coat.  (Honestly, Samantha sported enough pink dresses, we were elizabeth-montgomery-6rethinking featuring Glinda on “Pink Wednesday!”)  She dons polka dots, pretty florals, big bows, and some absolutely stunning dresses (pictured, above).  Samantha Stephens is also never without her cat eyeliner and lovely locks perfectly coiffed.  The crazy relative in this story is Samantha’s mother, Endora, who was played by the award-winning actress Agnes Moorehead.  Subtly is NOT her style!  She agnes-moorehead-2loves messing with her son-in-law, Darrin, and appearing whenever she feels like it.  elizabeth-montgomery-9If you couldn’t guess, this bleeds into her wardrobe, as well.  Endora is rarely seen without heavy blue eyeshadow, exaggerated wingtip eyeliner and extremely bright colors.  She loves high collars and capes and bold accessories (pictured, above).  Bewitched was outfitted by costume designers Vi Alford and Byron Munson.  In the book Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and elizabeth-montgomery-11Careerelizabeth-montgomery-10 of Elizabeth Montgomery, by Herbie J. Pilato, Munson was quoted as saying Elizabeth Montgomery had “horrible taste in clothes.”  That certainly isn’t the same for her television counterpart!  Although, it makes us wonder how true this 1968 article is featured on Harpies Bizarre (or how honest Munson was being…)  The article, originally posted in Leader-Times, makes several references to how Elizabeth Montgomery wore many of her own clothes on the show, and how she worked together with costumer Vi Alford.  Montgomery stated, “A girl like Samantha can’t afford a new dress every time she goes out…agnes-moorehead-4elizabeth-montgomery-7 agnes-moorehead-5-elizabeth-montgomery-8I’m not saying that I can’t afford it. But when I found a gown or frock that I like, I feel I should wear it as often as I want.”  The actress actually had her own clothing line come out during the series, so who knows if this was just fluff trying to promote her new line, or if it was the truth.  The one item we know for sure is Elizabeth’s is the necklace Samantha Elizabeth-Montgomery-12wears in nearly every scene of the series.  Montgomery’s husband and Bewitched director, William Asher, gifted her the white gold, diamond heart pavé necklace the year before the show, and it ended up becoming a trademark of Samantha’s.  It’s simple and classy, just like Mrs. Stephens’ style.  As the show gets deeper into the 1960s, and into the 1970s, the fashion starts to get really trippy (pictured, above)!  The prints get wilder, more colorful and definitely bolder.  We prefer the early ’60s version of Samantha’s clothes, but we did love the addition of her baby witch, Tabitha!  We wish was could wiggle our nose to look this cute in everyday life!elizabeth-montgomery-13


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  1. Nice tribute to Elizabeth Montgomery….gone way too soon but certainly not forgotten. Loved the t.v. show Bewitched! Interesting how her clothes gradually reflected the times…never picked up on that while watching the show!

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