SJP-23 SJP-24Since we’re a week away from Halloween, our editors at theSkinnyStiletto decided to dedicate this week to our favorite type of supernatural subject – witches!  We will feature the best-dressed bewitching ladies of TV and film!  Here is fashion icon herself, Sarah Jessica Parker, in Hocus Pocus as Sarah Sanderson.  She plays one of three sister witches, and also happens to be the prettiest (and dumbest) of the three.  While her older sisters are more concerned with revenge and coming back to life, Sarah is more excited about being attractive again… “BOYS WILL LOVE ME!” Sarah declares, after rejuvenating herself with the life of a young child.  She may have been born centuries ago, but Sarah still looks hot in her corseted red gown, platinum blonde hair, heavy eyeliner and tops it off with a flowing purple cape.  Sarah is a total creep, but she knows the importance of not letting your looks run, “Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok!”  (Fun Fact: SJP recently found out one of her ancestors was actually accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts!  This movie wasn’t too far off!)SJP-25

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  1. Loved Sarah Jessica’s performance and look in Hocus Pocus. Always fun to watch her so free-spirited!

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