donna-reed-8Our “Look-of-the-Day” posts this week feature looks from Oscar-nominated films, in honor of the upcoming award ceremony.  Here is one of our all-time favorite actresses, Donna Reed in From Here to Eternity.  The clean-cut Midwestern star was most famous for her classic 1950s/60s television show, but donna-reed-7what most people don’t know is that she won an Academy Award for playing a prostitute in the 1953 film.  Our editors always adored her from having watched It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas since they were little.  While that movie seems to stand the test of time, From Here to Eternity feels extremely dated upon recent viewing.  Other than the iconic beach scene, the only memorable part of the film is Reed.  Her subtle performance far outshines the other major stars in the movie.  Here she is as Alma “Lorene” Burke in a sexy black halter dress with sequined straps, dark lipstick and chandelier earrings.  The sultry look was much different than the lily white characters Reed normally played, but she still manages to look very lovely as a lady of the night.donna-reed-9

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  1. It sure is difficult seeing Donna Reed with such a sultry look! I’m used to her “fresh-faced look” from her tv show. Her beauty shows through no mTter what the role!

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