jessica-chastain-4This Sunday, the 86th Academy Awards will take place, and leading up to the ceremony we’re featuring some of our favorite looks from Oscar-nominated films.  Here is Jessica Chastain in her first nominated role as Celia Foote in 2011’s The Help.  The beautiful redhead plays an almost unrecognizable curvacious southern blonde, who isn’t as ditzy as she seems, and is one of the most interesting characters in the film.  Here, Celia and her husband attend a local black-tie event, but everyone else’s husbands’ eyes are on her in this gorgeous hot pink gown that accentuates her hourglass figure.  Since Celia’s originally from a different social class (and she nabbed the town queen’s first love), her conservative neighbors of 1960s Jackson look on green with envy when she enters the room.