britney-spears-1This is probably the most iconic schoolgirl uniform of our “Back-to-School Week,” at least from our generation, and it’s 16-year-old Britney Spears in her 1998 music video, “Hit Me, Baby One More Time.”  The young and fresh-faced southerner sported a black miniskirt, a cranberry crop-top, white button-down blouse, a gray cardigan with matching knee socks, and some pink pom-poms for her hair.  The video’s director, Nigel Dick, originally had the idea to have Spears dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but it was Britney’s idea to change the costume to a schoolgirl look.  He told MTV in 2009, “Every piece of wardrobe in the video came from Kmart, and I was told at the time not one piece of clothing in the video cost more than $17. On that level, it’s real. That probably, in retrospect, is a part of its charm.”britney-spears-2