carey-mulligan-7Carey Mulligan plays Jenny Mellor in the 2009 drama, An Education, about a schoolgirl who grows up too fast in a London suburb during the 1960s.  Here, Jenny wears her school uniform in a couple of different scenes throughout the movie, sporting a gray A-line skirt, a cranberry-colored belt, a white-carey-mulligan-8button down blouse, a matching diagonally striped tie, with both a gray pullover, and a crested school coat with a coordinated scarf.  The color combo of gray and burgundy is always one of our favorite classic pairings for fall.  Jenny dons some other adorable vintage looks in the film, like floral, gold, leopard, and even a watercolor frock that we just adore.  But Mulligan apparently didn’t love her outfits as much as we did… She told Today, “I had to work my way into liking the costumesI was less keen on the school uniforms.”  Kate Scheyer, of Vanity Fair, pointed out that the film’s designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, created an arc of costumes to tell Jenny’s story of a teen that matures quickly by hanging out with an older crowd, beginning with the rain-soaked schoolgirl (pictured, bottom right) carey-mulligan-9that her suitor meets on the street… Basically a classic pedophile pickup, but it’s also a true storycarey-mulligan-10!