gwen-stefani-7-Daniel-Gonzalez-1And after all the obstacles; It’s good to see you now with someone else…”  In our week dedicated to the music video “Cool,” our “Tuesday Twosome” are the two stars of the short: Miss Gwen Stefani, and the actor playing gwen-stefani-8-Daniel-Gonzalez-2her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Gonzalez.  In the flashbacks, we see a happy couple on Lake Como, Italy, falling in and out of love.  Gonzalez sports a preppy tennis sweater, an untucked collared shirt, and rolled-up khaki pants, looking like a true disheveled summer boyfriend from everyone’s youth.  Stefani wears a full, slightly patterned a-line skirt, with an open capped-sleeved navy cardigan, and a blue and white gingham halter bikini top.  The real Italian girl looks absolutely stunning with her natural-colored chestnut locks, and sexy European 1950s vibe.  Her outfit is the epitome of a romantic summer look: carefree, classic, slightly preppy, and sensuous.  But summer love doesn’t always last forever, and even though these two may look like the perfect pair, their body language certainly doesn’t look like destiny in the photo below…gwen-stefani-9-daniel-Gonzalez-3