This was actually one of the first photos our editors ever saved at theSkinnyStiletto as a fashion favorite – this “Tuesday Twosome” was one of the first reasons we even created the category!  In the 2002 comedy, The Sweetest Thing, Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate play best friends and roommates in San Francisco.  Instead of having the usual prude tone girly rom-coms tend to have, this film was aimed at women who had raunchy sense of humors!  Needless to say, our editors loved this movie as teens entering womanhood – especially since the two leads (Applegate and Diaz) played buddies with the initials C & C.  In this scene, Christina and Courtney are out clubbing: Diaz in a black, one-sleeved asymmetrical top, red shiny pants with matching stilettos, while Applegate has pinstriped pants, pink pointy-toe pumps, and a revealing denim halter with a cute belly chain (ahh, remnants of the 90s…)  Costume designer Denise Wingate (who also worked with Blair on the impeccable Cruel Intentions) outfitted the film, and did a great job dressing women at the turn of the century.  These girls were smart, cool, confident, sexually confident, and self-deprecating – I mean, who else could pull off those belly tops?!