7 Beauty Lessons Learned from Downton Abbey

Check out our favorite Downton Abbey beauty tips from our friends at Daily Glow: The Crawleys may have old-fashioned manners, but their skin and hair are modern marvels. Here are the best beauty tips from the third season of the Masterpiece broadcast on PBS.

1. Your complexion always looks better in candlelight.

2. For an instant anti-aging trick, stand next to someone who’s at least 30 years your senior.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a red lip.

4. If you’re going without makeup, make sure your skin is flawless.

5. When in doubt, wear a hat.

6. You’ll never have a bad hair day if you stick to braids and updos.

7. A blushing bride is a beautiful bride… as long as she’s not left at the altar.  (Sorry, Edith!)

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    • HAHA aw omg! The article is re-posted from Daily Glow and I literally thought, “Omg, I can’t post this – I don’t think Carol is up to that part of Downton Abbey…” LOL! Sorry :( I’ll fix it – it’s actually not much of a surprise, and kind of a cheesy one for such a good show!

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