We really like the clothing in P.S. I Love You… Probably because Hilary Swank puts on a new cute outfit or coat in every scene, but probably because it’s provided us with a bevy of stylish choices for “Irish Week!”  At first, we didn’t think we’d be able to find a “Pink Wednesday” choice this year, and then remembered – Swank’s character, Holly, actually wore pink a couple of times in this 2007 romantic comedy!  While visiting the Emerald Isle, she goes to a bar with her best friends, donning slim jeans, heels and this cute magenta, silk blouse with half-bows around the collar, creating a ruffled effect.  It’s also the outfit Holly is wearing when she meets a sexy Irish singer for the first time in…  But we happen to prefer the film’s promotional photo (pictured, above) when Holly is pretty in pink.  Because Gerard Butler in a white t-shirt really gives this film enormous appeal. <3