Snow White and the Seven Dresses of Ravenna

Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White.”  It seems fairy tales are back in a big way, with popular shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time, and movies like Enchanted, inspiring a resurgence in the classic children’s fables.  But director Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman is much darker than its comedic counterpart, Mirror Mirror, which is also a Best Costume competitor.  But instead of vying for the princess roles, Hollywood’s megastars seem to be gobbling up the villain parts lately… Julia Roberts is the evil queen in the other Snow White flick, Angelina Jolie will play Maleficent next year, and Cate Blanchett has been cast as the evil stepmother in Cinderella.  Academy Award winner Charlize Theron plays Ravenna, an utterly terrifying evil queen in this medieval Snow White story.  Wimpy Kristen Stewart couldn’t hold a candle to this stepmother…  Costumer Colleen Atwood is a three-time Academy Award winner and one of our all-time favorite designers here at theSkinnyStiletto.  She earned her 10th nomination for her work on of Snow White and the Huntsman.  Atwood told Entertainment Weekly, “We had things that were made from beetle wings, and pieces that were made out of parchment paper, which is an ancient technique not normally used in costuming. I had stuff made in India, in Turkey, I had fabrics woven.”  In the beginning of the film, Ravenna seems like a sweet, new mother figure, but if her wedding gown is any sort of warning, the epaulettes on the gold and cream-colored gown were designed to look like a skeletal rib cage (pictured, above) – not exactly the romantic look you want on your new mom.  While Snow White is supposed to be the star, it’s hard to keep your eyes off Charlize’s creepy and vain queen, along with her stunning outfits.  Our favorite is the mirrored black and silver number (pictured, above left), which has a feathered high collar that matches the ravens she distracts her enemies with.  Snow White really only wears two costumes: an earth-tone and scarlet gown (pictured, top), which the huntsman chops the skirt off of, so she can move easily in the forest, and her suit of armor (pictured, below left).  Same for said Huntsman, played by the incredibly sexy Chris Hemsworth (pictured, below right), who Sanders decided was the real love interest in this revisioned fairy tale.  Atwood said, “The Huntsman was a forest dweller, his clothes all leather and rough fabric he cobbled together, paired with weaponry that was his signature.”  Matched was his alluring blue eyes, and Hamlet-like voice, he was quintessential casting for a strong, but broken, antihero.  Unlike her costars’ simple looks, Charlize got to wear a bevy of intricate costumes.  As discussed in The Hollywood Reporter, Atwood used elements of death, like spiderwebs and skeletons to show, “decay as a central theme in the castle, life being taken out of things. So I used what remains, or elements of that, in the costumes.”  Her pointy, metal crowns, clawed jewelry, and the sharp edges of her clothing don’t exactly indicate she’s a loving person.  Atwood also added of Ravenna, “Her costumes kind of crumble along with her. They go from light to dark to very dark at the end.”  Ravenna’s reign may come to an end, but Atwood’s onscreen imagination is unforgettable.

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  1. Atwood is a creative genius! And it doesn’t hurt to have Charlize show off her creations!

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