Top 10 Best Bridesmaid Gowns

Earlier this week, we featured the Top 10 WORST Bridesmaid Gowns from film and television (an adjective that is usually attached to attendants’ dresses), but in the beautiful gowns below, it seems the brides were much kinder to their friends!

1. Monica Geller & Rachel Green (Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston), Friends We wish we could find better photos of these stunning gowns by Michael Kors, because they’re our favorite bridesmaid dresses on film!  It’s no surprise Phoebe is the most freethinking of the six characters we came to love over the ten seasons of Friends, but we were stunned at the glamorous choices she picked for her girlfriends to wear for her wedding to Mike (played by Paul Rudd).  Her best friends, Rachel and Monica, put on two-tone gowns with sleeveless gold-accented antique lace tops, with different full skirts in muted amber and blue tied with satin ribbons around their waists.  The wedding was surprisingly elegant for the go-to hippie of the group, but nothing is ever the norm for Phoebe, and the couple decides to get married in the middle of a freak snowstorm when they can’t make their original venue!  Which is why the bridesmaids all have winter coats on!  Even the pretty pink, soft blue and white coats look beautiful on the two-toned dresses complemented by bright wild flowers and falling snowflakes, which is why these dresses our #1 choice!  It’s so romantic, you actually feel like you’re watching one of your best friend’s weddings! <3

2. Tracy (Sasha Barrese)’s Friends, The Hangover For a film about a dopey foursome of guys and the shenanigans they get into, the girls certainly looked elegant.  The groom may be missing, but the bride and her maids look lovely while waiting.  Black and white is how I’ve envisioned my wedding since I was a child, so obviously Tracy and Doug’s wedding appealed to me tremendously.  It’s amazing how sophisticated the black dresses with white sashes look on the older bridesmaids, while the flower girls look angelic in white dresses with black sashes.  The older girls sported Betsey Johnson Fall 2008 dresses, while the little girls wore J.Crew “Alison” dresses made of ivory silk.  Black sashes were added to the flower girls’ outfits to match the bridesmaids.  The women look like they’re out of a fairy tale in this raunchy comedy!

3. Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Sex and the City Charlotte York was featured earlier this week with her three best friends for the worst bridesmaid dresses, but there was a time when Sex and the City was much simpler – like when it was on TV, hehe.  Here is Kristin Davis as the prim and proper Charlotte in one sexy bridesmaid gown.  In the episode, Charlotte exclaims how excited she is to wear a black halter gown to her friend’s wedding, instead of the usual hideous dresses she had to wear in the past.  This is extremely elegant and subtly sexy – the perfect combination!

4. Jenny Perotti (Jennifer Garner), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past This movie got terrible reviews, but we thought it was pretty cute.  There were some tender moments between siblings and some hilarious moments with Emma Stone as the lead’s first girlfriend haunting him.  Here is Jennifer Garner as Jenny Perotti at her sister’s wedding in the 2009 film.  This dress has been noted as burgundy in other articles, but we think it looks much closer to eggplant.  Costume designer Denise Wingate got the stunning dresses from Jenny Yoo, and couldn’t say enough nice things about Yoo’s shop.  The gowns are very sophisticated and feature the most beautiful necklines on the list.

5. Alicia & Charisse (Maggie Castle & Jane McClean), The Time Traveler’s Wife Her husband may travel through the ages, but Clare’s bridesmaids look timeless.  Rachel McAdams is such a cutie in real life, it’s no surprise her onscreen alter egos are just as nice as she is, putting her friend, Charisse, and sister, Alicia, in lovely shades of sage for her nuptials.  Costume designer Julie Weiss said, “The bridesmaid dresses were designed so that the bridesmaids felt like they were part of the wedding party but still individuals.  And that’s the way it should be for an artist’s wedding.”  The group looks gorgeous, and altogether actually they look like they belong in a real bridal portrait!

6. Sarah Walker, Julia Walker & Rebecca Harper (Rachel Griffiths, Sarah Jane Morris & Emily VanCamp ), Brothers & Sisters This ABC drama about a large family in California was certainly addictive for our editors, but not that popular among other crowds.  Anyhow, when Kitty Walker gets married, she asks her female relatives, Sarah and Julia Walker, along with possible half-sister Rebecca Harper, to act as her maids in these lovely white-piped chocolate gowns.  Each woman dons a different style dress, but all look gorgeous and complement one another beautifully.7. Claire & Gloria Cleary (Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher), Wedding Crashers  Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher are adorable to begin with, so it couldn’t have been too hard to pick out dresses for them in this 2005 flick.  The two play sisters, Claire and Gloria, who hook up with a pair of best friends at their other sister’s nuptials, and it’s no wonder – those are some sexy dresses!  We don’t love nude, but the backless, silk beige gowns look just lovely on McAdams and Fisher’s fair complexions.  No wonder Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn fall so hard for these sensual siblings!

8. Casey & Tess (Judy Greer & Malin Akerman), 27 Dresses In this film, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane Nichols, has to wear a lot of ugly gowns to please her friend’s many theme weddings (what was that about?)  But when it comes her time to walk down the aisle, she’s very kind to her sister, Tess, and best friend, Casey, putting them in delicate, soft yellow gowns that go with the beach theme of her Long Island nuptials.  But the rest of her bridesmaids aren’t so lucky – they have to sport the 27 gowns she saved for all those years (pictured, below)!  Haha, revenge sure is sweet! 😉

9. Alexis (Kate Hudson), My Best Friend’s Girl  This is a raunchy comedy about a guy (played by Dane Cook) who falls for… well, his best friend’s girl.  With zero expectations, our editors actually enjoyed it (despite parts of the montage at the end – it’s funny until that).  Alexis (Kate Hudson) is in the girl in question, and when her sister gets married, she gets to wear one pretty frock – an off-the-shoulder scarlet Amsale gown.  If the sleeves weren’t so slouchy, this dress would be closer to the top of our list, and probably more flattering on the bust.  But it sure does float like a cloud!

10. Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald), Sixteen Candles This dress is definitely a little dated, but man, it’s just so romantic!  Samantha Baker is not having a good day.  Her sister decided to get married the day after her sixteenth birthday, but it seems no one remembered whose day it was first!  Molly Ringwald was the teen queen of the 1980s, and the shot of her in her bridesmaid gown after her love, Jake Ryan, brings her a birthday cake to celebrate with is iconic.  While we’re not totally in love the floral wreath upon her lovely red hair, Molly still pulls it off.  We love this light lavender chiffon gown, that actually photographs pink in other shots.  Talk about a great birthday!