For this Valentine’s Day post, we’re featuring our favorite outfit from the British romantic comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Hugh Grant and a group of friends experience life in death in this clever 1994 film by Mike Newell.  Grant’s character falls for a fashionable American girl named Carrie, played by Andie MacDowell.  She makes her grand appearance at one of the weddings featured in the film, donning a cream-colored suit, a dark camisole and the perfect accessory for attending British nuptials – one hell of a big black hat!  She certainly makes an impression, because Grant ends up completely falling for the raven-haired beauty.  The costumes were created by Lindy Hemming, who did an excellent job capturing the look of the mid-1990s in England.  We hope you find love like these two this Valentine’s Day! <3

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  1. Great film ! Just loved her wedding outfit And soon I will be attending a wedding and looking to buy a similiar suit to Andie Mscdowell’s Can anyone help me ? ? ?

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