Top 10 Worst Bridesmaid Gowns

With the best, must come the worst.  Bridesmaid gowns notoriously have a bad reputation, as some self-conscious brides stick girls in ugly dresses, so that they look better on their big day.  Thankfully, we haven’t had any friends or relatives do that to us, (and if you have, I’d suggest finding new friends…), but apparently these onscreen girls got stuck wearing some hideous frocks!!  Here goes…

1. Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), Confessions of a Shopaholic The book version by Brit Sophia Kinsella is one of the best pieces of chick lit ever written.  The movie?  Not so much.  It does have its moments, but what the hell is going on in that wedding at the end?!  Rebecca Bloomwood, a spunky city girl with a shopping addiction attends her best friend’s wedding in probably the ugliest bridesmaid gown of all time.  It’s a poofy, hot pink tea-length mess with bright red, lime green and bright blue tulle sticking out.  As if that wasn’t enough, it has a matching short pink veil from the 1960s, long white gloves, and a furry dalmatian print shrug.  When she tries it on, she’s actually in the famous NY bridal store, Kleinfeld’s, and her reaction is priceless.  Maybe this was the only thing they could find that looked bad on the adorable redhead.  Maybe her best friend, Suze, secretly hated her.  (Although in the book series, she’s an important society figure.  I’m pretty sure they don’t make their friends look like clowns on acid at their weddings…)  Costume designer Patricia Field (a la Sex and the City) explains she thought they looked like tropical flowers.  We think it’s the worst wedding attire of all time!

2. Samantha Newhouse & Mandy Newhouse (Rachel Griffiths & Carrie Preston), My Best Friend’s WeddingJulia Roberts tries to break up her best friend’s wedding, when she realizes she’s been in love with him this entire time, but now she’s too late.  To make matters worse, the young bride (played by Cameron Diaz) appoints her the new Maid of Honor.  But at least she didn’t have to wear THIS.  Beauties Rachel Griffiths and Carrie Preston (who both went on to be TV stars) are hardly recognizable in these bubble monstrosities.  They play obnoxious cousins of the bride, and I guess she makes her feelings known about them by dressing them in these Easter egg explosions.  Lavender and yellow never looked so ugly!  Although, she didn’t do herself any favors in the bridal gown department either…

3. Cousin Nikki (Gia Carides), My Big Fat Greek Wedding Poor Toula.  It was hard enough trying to get married in the first place, without her extended family almost ruining everything, but by the time the wedding arrives, her crazy relatives are still causing problems!  Here is her cousin Nikki, sporting a seriously horrible polka-dotted bridesmaid gown.  The skintight blue halter is adorned with roses, tulle, frizzy hair, too much cleavage, and a cross – obviously, this is a religious ceremony, after all.  The dress looks like it’s straight out of the 1980s, just like the bride’s gown does, but this is seriously hideous.  The bride didn’t even pick these horrible frocks – her family did, so the bridesmaids can only blame themselves for looking bad!

4. Ali & Lisa (Ashley Lilley & Rachel McDowall), Mamma Mia! Why does Amanda Seyfried’s character, Sophie, hate herself and her friends so much?  This has to be the ugliest wedding in film history!  It was hard digging up a secondary photo of her friends Ali and Lisa (played by Ashley Lilley and Rachel McDowall), so we had to use the wedding photo with Seyfried in it.  All three gowns look like they were dug up in a thrift store, or honestly a children’s toy chest (possibly the point, as the bride is 20-years-old).  All three girls are beautiful, and they look awful in their ensembles!  Ugly wreaths in their hair, drab and shapeless beige lace dresses, and bouquets of weeds – if these girls weren’t smiling, they could double as Romans following Christ to his execution.

5. Scarlett (Charlotte Coleman), Four Weddings and a Funeral  Hugh Grant’s crazy sister in this 1994 rom-com is played by the late Charlotte Coleman.  She was hilarious, and as wild as her hair color, so it’s no surprise sticking her in a bridesmaid dress also ended in humor – she’s carrying her hairpiece with her, and loses the bow on her back, exposing her blue undies (pictured, below)!  But what do you expect sticking a grown woman in a puffy pink gown, white tights and an enormous bow on her butt?!  The bride is lucky her friends even showed up in these horrible gowns!

6. Annie, Rita, Megan, Becca & Helen, (Kristen Wiig, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper & Rose Byrne ) Bridesmaids It’s a Fritz Bernaise,” Rose Byrne’s character, Helen Harris III, purrs while the funny girls of this 2011 film go for their first fitting.  For the most popular movie about being a bridesmaid, you’d think Maya Rudolph’s character, Lillian, would have shown a little more consideration for her best friends, but she doesn’t, and listens to the snotty society girl instead.  The result is this hideous, fictional French gown that costs a broke Kristen Wiig and her fellow maids a whopping $800!  No wonder she throws up during their fitting!  There’s too many layers, it’s bright purple and isn’t flattering on any the five pretty ladies!  But then again, it is a comedy about being a bridesmaid… they can’t wear nice dresses!

7. Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda (Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall & Cynthia Nixon), Sex and the City This is a film based on the biggest television fashion icon, probably in history.  Imagine our disappointment with Carrie’s wacky wedding dress, and then sticking her friends in these clashing mermaid messes by Zac Posen.  All of Carrie’s girlfriends were in their 40s at this point, so it made sense not to put them in anything cutesy or revealing, but the four of them just look ridiculous in this scene.  The gowns are too long, there’s way too many ruffles, and bright blue, black and fire engine red don’t exactly go together… especially when you’re having a lavish society wedding at the NYC Public Library.  Yikes, we think part of the reason this film got so heavily criticized was for scenes like this in the 2008 film.  Should have just kept things simple, like the early episodes of the HBO show..

8. Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl), 27 Dresses Based on some of the other dresses we’ve shown above, Jane probably doesn’t deserve to whine about how bad some of the frocks she’s had to wear are…  Anyhow, she did have some terrible outfits to sport at 27 weddings, most of which are to theme weddings (who the heck is she hanging out with?!)  Director Anne Fletcher talked of the difficulty making Katherine Heigl look bad, “No matter what the dress was, she still looked beautiful.  So we’d just add more flowers, more tulle, a hat.”  Mission accomplished, although Heigl still looks pretty cute, whether she’s in 1980s wear or dressed as a goth! :)9. Serena Van Der Woodsen & Friends (Blake Lively), Gossip Girl We know Blair Waldorf is more likely to have frenemies in her bridal party than actual friends, so it’s pretty appropriate she only put her bestie, Serena Van Der Woodsen in an attractive gown (the $5,500 “Farrah” gown from Vera Wang’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection), and the rest of her girls in these terrible cocktail dresses by, shockingly, also Vera Wang!  They’re actually Vera Wang’s line for David’s Bridal called White, and retail for $198.00 – which would make Blair Waldorf shudder with horror haha… Buying off-the-rack dresses?!  That would freak the Park Avenue Princess out like nothing else!  Is that why she put her “friends” in them?!  Hehe, good thing this wedding doesn’t go as planned…

10. Laura Rosen & Tripler (Katie Holmes & Malin Akerman) The Romantics This dress isn’t even that terrible, and the tall and beautiful Katie Holmes and Malin Akerman look good in just about anything, but this is what you pick for your bridesmaids to wear?  It’s bad enough that her best friend, Lila (played by an irritating Anna Paquin) stole the love of her life, she’s making her dress bad, too?!  In the book version, by Galt Niederhoffer (who also directed the 2010 film), the bridesmaids are confused by their ugly gowns. “Are they gray or pewter?” the girls wonder. “No, they’re tin, the color of her heart.”  Costumer Danielle Kays actually did a stunning job with the film, and every outfit is awesome, until this one.  She made sure that Lila looks just lovely on her wedding day in Amsale, while the rest of the WASPs look a little out of place.  Kays went to a Neiman Marcus in New Jersey to find these dresses by Philip Lim.  They aren’t bad for brunch or going to work in, but to attend an expensive seaside wedding?  No, thank you!