This “Tuesday Twosome” is probably the first pair we’ve ever featured where the characters actually don’t really like each other!  Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz star as Julianne Potter and Kimberley “Kimmy” Wallace – two women fighting over the same man in My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Julianne realizes she’s been in love with her best friend, played by the delicious Dermot Mulroney, but it’s too late, because he’s proposed to a 20-year-old bubblehead instead.  And, to make matters worse, she has to fill in as maid of honor!  Here is Roberts going for her first fitting in her lavender halter gown, while Diaz puts a necklace on her.  Although they’re enemies, their clothing goes together nicely in this shot.  Diaz is in a bright yellow shift and scarf with pearl earrings, and she’s the epitome of a young society girl.  Roberts looks a little ridiculous in her gown with four straps and sparkles at the wedding (pictured, left) – was that Kimmy’s intention?? – but it’s hard to make the towering redhead look ugly, so she pulls it off.  This editor remembers going to see this rom-com for her 11th birthday and was wildly disappointed at the ending, but it’s actually much more realistic…  (Even though we would have loved to have seen the unmade sequel, My Best Friend’s Divorce!)