Here is Day 2 featuring our favorite non-bridal outfits from our favorite bridal movies for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and this red number is certainly a stunner and apropos for the holiday dedicated to love!  Jennifer Lopez starred in the 2001 film, The Wedding Planner, as a single, Italian girl named Mary, just looking for love while working as… you guessed it – a wedding planner!  (Considering she’s had three failed marriages, and two broken engagements, you think she’d be sick of planning weddings, but oh well…)  The movie is entirely predictable, but man, does it feature some good-looking clothes.  Here’s Lopez sporting a handcrafted capped-sleeved scarlet dress she wears while taking a prospective client Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) to dance lessons.  The outfit looks fantastic on Lopez’s curves as she saunters across the dance floor with the future groom, who also happens to be her crush!  The dress was created by the film’s costume designer Pamela Winters, and was auctioned off at Christie’s in 2003 for $1,195.00 (pictured, below).  Winters said of the scene, “When they’re dancing the tango together, I put Mary in a red dress to symbolize anger and passion, and Steve wears a maroon shirt, which clashes just a little with her dress.  Subconsciously, it jars you just a touch and shows the disconnectedness at that time in their relationship.”  Indeed, it does!