We’ve been featuring our favorite looks from romantic movies for Valentine’s Day, and now that we’re getting closer to February 14th, we’ll be debuting some of our favorite looks from wedding films!  Because what’s a better topic than matrimony for V-Day?  (Chocolate, actually… Lots of chocolate!)  Anyhow, here’s our first look from 27 Dresses.  Malin Akerman plays Katherine Heigl’s shallow sister, Tess, in this movie about a perpetual bridesmaid, and this is when she makes her first appearance.  She’s a model who just lost her job and is returning to New York – in skinny black pants, heels and a cute black and white halter top by Phillip Lim, accompanied by lots of designer luggage and a cute guy!  It’s the perfect outfit for returning to NYC in, and turning her big sister’s life upside down in!