This is the most casual outfit we’ve posted out of our Valentine’s Day looks over the past few Februaries, but it makes a lot of sense – what are a lot of people wearing when they fall in love?  Probably just jeans and a simple top, following the casualization of America over the past 50 years – not the stunning gowns and designer duds we see in so many romances.  The odd part is that we picked the most elegant woman in history to feature the casual clothes!  Here is Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road, a movie that tells a love story shown over several trips a couple has taken together.  When the two first meet, they go hitchhiking together, while Audrey sports this red crew neck sweater, simple blue jeans, brown belt, a blue headband and navy Keds.  At first, she almost looks like a fish out of water – we’re used to seeing her in LBDs, but she still looks just as beautiful as she always does!