There is a combination in fashion this editor adores, and that is: black lace.  Lace is usually delicate, prissy and a little stuffy, while the color black is chic, sophisticated and sexy.  The first time I recognized this unlikely pairing was on Julia Roberts in the 1990 film, Pretty Woman, and I have loved it ever since.  Costume designer Marilyn Vance created every stunning (and slutty) look Roberts sported in the Garry Marshall movie, including the iconic red opera gown, her black and white shopping outfit, the brown and white polka-dotted frock, and, of course, her famous street-walking dress.  Here is Julia Roberts for the first time Richard Gere sees her character, Vivian, after she receives a makeover.  She’s donning a slightly off-the-shoulder black lace cocktail dress, with a matching piece that lays across her decolletage, evening gloves, black pumps, and tops it off with her beautiful auburn curls swept up into a sophisticated ponytail.  Gere’s character is stunned to see the ugly (more like trashy) duckling turn into a beautiful swan, right before his eyes.  A disenchanted businessman and a friendly prostitute?  It seems like a terrible match, but in the end, works as well as ladylike lace and sultry black. :)