It’s the first day of February, which means theSkinnyStiletto is featuring fashion from some of our favorite romances, in honor of Valentine’s Day!  Here, the magnificent Audrey Hepburn plays Princess Ann, a girl who is fed up with being told what to do every minute of the day, and flees the Italian palace she’s staying in during her European tour for a little Roman Holiday.  The majority of the film, she’s donning an adorable button-down shirt, skirt, scarf and gladiator sandals, but at the start of the movie, she’s a stunning and regal royal.  Longtime collaborator and famed costume designer Edith Head won one of her eight Oscars for her work on the 1953 romantic comedy (her sketch for this dress is shown below).  At the beginning of the film, she puts Audrey in this long, white, beaded and brocade off-the-shoulder ballgown, adorned with ribbons, medals, a red sash, and probably the prettiest tiara of all time.  (This editor attempted to go as Princess Ann for Halloween one year, and guess what?  I couldn’t find a gown or fake jewels that looked even remotely like this – no kidding!  Audrey’s lucky she always had Edith Head and Hubert de Givenchy by her side!)  Hepburn looks lovely as a prim and pretty princess, accessorized with beautiful jewels, delicate long white gloves, and a pair of conservative pumps that she can’t seem to keep on, after spending so much time on her feet greeting other dignitaries!  Her character is elegant, but she’s also trapped by her own fate.  As gorgeous as she looks here, you can see the longing behind her eyes just to break free (even for a little while) to experience the world on her own terms.  She does escape and enjoys her own short holiday, but honor and duty lead her back to the life she was destined to lead.  It’s our favorite romance of all time. <3