Our editors didn’t actually love Love Actually the first time they viewed it (wow, pun unintended), but after a second viewing, it became one of their favorites!  Probably the most notable item of clothing in the Christmas rom-com has to be Martine McCutcheon’s bright red trench coat she wears to her nephew’s holiday play.  She portrays Natalie, a brokenhearted girl working for the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant.  When they realize they’re meant for each other (on Christmas Eve, no less), she’s sporting this gorgeous piece of outerwear over jeans and a pretty snowflake sweater.  Costume designer Joanna Johnston outfitted the film, along with many other modern classics, including Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, The Sixth Sense, Forrest Gump, and Munich.  Shockingly, she has never been nominated for an Academy Award.  Let’s hope this year, she’s rewarded with a nomination for her work on Lincoln!  Even if she doesn’t, we loved her choices for this Christmas flick.  When Natalie paired her famous coat with a white cap to greet Hugh Grant, she sailed into holiday cinematic history!