We’ve featured Cameron Diaz in The Holiday several times between our two Christmas Countdowns, but that’s because her character, Amanda Woods, is dressed so damn well!  When director Nancy Meyers debuted her more recent film,It’s Complicated, several reviewers kept accusing her of “design porn.”  Now we know what they meant, when we look up the crazy price-tags of some of the clothes, furniture and accessories that appear in her chick flicks.  (One of the funnier comments from one of the fashion blogs we scoured, trying to find a designer link for this outfit, wondered how did Amanda fit all these fabulous coats into the two suitcases she packed?!)  In this scene, Amanda takes Iris’s dog for a walk in a lovely Louis Vuitton wool and cashmere toggle coat, skinny jeans, brown Balenciaga boots and a cute knit cap.  No wonder Iris’s brother falls for this beautiful blonde – she always looks good!