Finding a “Pink Wednesday” outfit that fits our “12 Days of Christmas Countdown” shouldn’t have worked out this easily, but we forgot Sarah Jessica Parker wears rose in one of our favorite holiday movies, The Family Stone.  She plays Meredith, an uptight Manhattanite, visiting her boyfriend’s laid-back family in Massachusetts for the holidays.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t mesh well with his relatives, but at least she looks good doing so.  For Christmas Eve, she wears a pale pink button-down silk blouse, black dress pants and a matching vest, and a pair of black pointy-toed stiletto pumps.  Costumer Shay Cunliffe chose famous designer Narciso Rodriguez to outfit America’s clotheshorse for this 2005 film.  His impeccable tailoring matches Meredith’s extremely organized and rigid personality.  After an extremely awkward dinner conversation (pictured above), Meredith takes off in tears to a local bar with her boyfriend’s brother… which really adds some intrigue to the holiday!  Below, you see Sarah Jessica’s character after some drinks and heavy realizations – hair comes down and the vest comes off – as do her attempts to be the perfect girlfriend!