FOX News made comments about Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas’s pink leotard being anti-American for not being red, white and blue.  theSkinnyStiletto decided who better to feature during the Olympics other than the amazing gold medalist for “Pink Wednesday?” Here, “The Flying Squirrel” is wearing her infamous leotard, which Adidas and GK Elite created for the US Gymnastics Team.  A similar version can be purchased on their website for $89.99.  Nothing like picking on a little girl, right FOX?  Not like anyone else on that network knows anything about putting on a uniform… You go Gabby!! <3

One thought on “Look-of-the-Day

  1. Gabby sure is “pretty in pink” but what really matters is her talent! What a terrific young lady, so focused on achieving her goals! Shame on FOX news on SO many levels!

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