We have featured a dress from The Ugly Truth once before, but this frock is another one that cannot be ignored!  In this rom-com, Katherine Heigl plays television producer Abby Richter who detests her on-air talent, Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), and every single thing that he stands for.  Mike suggests Abby get hair extensions, a push-up bra, and some vibrating panties, in order to nab the cute guy next door.  In this particular scene, Abby is beginning to attract all sorts of attention in the room… From her sexy neighbor she’s manipulating, and, unexpectedly, from her partner-in-crime.  Heigl is breathtaking in this gorgeous white Gucci wrap dress, and is positively glowing with her bright blond locks and bronzed skin.  It’s no surprise Abby goes from the girl who can’t keep a boyfriend to the girl who guys can’t seem to get enough of!