This chic California girl standing in front of a snow-covered graveyard is Cameron Diaz in the 2006 film The Holiday.  (Fun Fact: This is one of the few movies our editors never get sick of watching.  It’s very odd.  This editor, without exaggeration, has probably seen it close to 100 times…  During cold nights in Italian grad school, my friends – and fellow blog authors! – Carol, Leigh and Kim, would bundle up, make some hot tea and we’d watch it together in our beloved attic “TV room” of the palazzo we lived in.  Ah, memories.)  Diaz plays Amanda, a Hollywood resident who switches homes with a lonely but lovely British writer, acted by Kate Winslet.  Diaz’s character arrives in the English countryside wearing this Christian Dior white and chocolate shearling coat, slim jeans, a Ralph Lauren turtleneck with adorable buttons on the sleeves, and tops it off with black Chanel sunglasses, black Prada pumps and a lot of baggage.  This platinum blonde may look out of place in Surrey, but soon realizes that she’s more at home there than she ever expected… just like a couple of displaced American girls living in Florence.

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