Jacqueline Kennedy would have turned 82 yesterday and there’s no doubt she would have still been just as fabulous as she was throughout the rest of her life.  Her wardrobe has literally inspired millions of women over the last 50 years in the United States.  For the anniversary of her birth, and a “Fancy Friday” pick, we have chosen Jackie’s inaugural gown she wore in 1961.  Kennedy designed it with help from Bergdorf Goodman’s Ethan Frankau.  (Fun Fact: Bergdorf Goodman has other presidential roots – its Manhattan location happens to be the birthplace and first home of Theodore Roosevelt!)  Kennedy was only 31 when she became First Lady, which is kind of mind-blowing, considering her style choices still remain major fashion favorites.  Our editors recently saw Jackie’s dress at First Lady Exhibit at the Smithsonian (pictured, below).  It’s the best free fashion show we can think of!  Hats off to one of the all-time best-dressed women!

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