Rise of the Phoenix

This sexy scientist redefines the word mad!  Dr. Jean Grey is a from X-Men mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers.  She first appeared as Marvel Girl in September 1963 in X-Men #1.  Jean discovered her powers as a child when she watched a friend get hit by a car.  After mentally linking with her friend, she was also nearly killed by being left comatose.  Charles Xavier saves her by blocking her powers until she is old enough to handle them.  She was originally the team’s only female member, and falls for her fellow team member, Scott Summers (Cyclops).  Jean also has a secret romantic crush on Wolverine… which is explored quite in depth in the film versions when she’s played by the dark, Dutch beauty Famke Janssen.  (Fun Fact: Jean Grey studied psychology at Metro College in the comic books, but completed her Masters Degree at Columbia University.  Famke Janssen also went to Columbia, majoring in literature and writing after years of modeling!)  Jean Grey goes from a quiet, loving and nurturing woman to a supernatural force!  After being exposed to massive amounts of radiation, Jean calls out to the sum of all life in the universe – the Phoenix Force.  It saves her life, but she is turned into the Phoenix – basically going back and forth of being a pod person and an extremely powerful, freaky mutant with unlimited potential.  In the movies, her drama is dialed back a bit (well at least, no children or actual marriage to Cyclops… probably because her evil alter-ego kills him…)  Well, even though Dr. Grey completely loses control of her mind, she does so looking damn good.  In the first movie, she is very much the strong and serious scientist.  She has beautiful, long, dark reddish-brown hair and wears conservative clothing (just like today’s “Look-of-the-Day“).  Pencil skirts, heels, swept-back hair, and lab coats are her go-to staples.  When addressing Congress in the beginning (above, left) Jean actually has a very strong Sarah Palin-vibe going on in her red power suit, dark locks and sexy librarian spectacles.  The most daring outfit she dons in the 2000 action flick is her X-Men team suit – 100% black leather!  In the second film, after Wolverine has entered her life and she’s gained some battle experience, she gets far more daring with her two favorite colors – black and red.  Leather jackets, silky shirts, bold silver necklaces and a brand-new, fun-loving chopped haircut gives Jean a little more street cred.  In her final film, Jean has nearly lost her body and mind to the Dark Phoenix, and she destroys just about everything she loves (if not fatally, than emotionally.  Now that we think of it, she actually is a pretty horrible superhero…)  In X-Men 3 she’s pretty much gone, and so is her style.  Her hair is very long and vibrant red (like the Phoenix’s in the comic books) and she’s always wearing horrible leather suits (note the maroon disaster, pictured left).  Pair that with black eyes and it’s really not an attractive look.  Well, Jean ends up dying in both her screen and book representations, but she gets reborn as the White Phoenix of the Crown (pictured, top left) and saves the day.  Much better than the debacle she causes on film…  Oh well, we’re sure she’ll rise again, as Phoenixes often do.

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