“On Wednesdays we wear pink!” Karen of Mean Girls proclaims to the newest member of her clique.  Okay, we can buy into that… we just picked this dress because we love it, but considering pink is this editor’s second favorite color (can you tell black is #1?), we decided to make every Wednesday “Look-of-the-Day” a pink outfit for as long as we can.  Which will be interesting, because our co-editor tends to loathe the color…  Here, at husband David’s official signing with the LA Galaxy soccer team, Victoria Beckham is wearing a bright pink Roland Mouret “Moon” dress with a matching ostrich Hermes Birkin bag, accessorized with a pair of pointed-toe black pumps and her signature large shades.  She would do The Plastics proud, except this girl isn’t a mean one – she’s a Spicy one!

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