Even though the summer is getting nearer, in reality it is still Spring, and this is certainly an outfit made for the season.  Here, our girl Keira is wearing a soft lavender-gray, floral silk blouse tucked into a high-waisted pastel skirt while collecting flowers in Atonement.  Costume designer Jacqueline Durran received an Oscar nomination for the film, and considering how beautiful each outfit Knightley wore as Cecilia, it comes as no surprise that we’ve featured the film more than once already.  (Fun Fact: theSkinnyStiletto‘s first ever Look-of-the-Day was from Atonement!)  Durran stated, “The whole idea of Cecilia’s costume was that I wanted to give her the aura of a butterfly – something really light and transparent.”  Her character may look light and airy, but underneath she is a fiercely loyal and bullheaded Brit.  Oddly enough, her removal of this very outfit actually leads to her and her lover’s tragic future.  Guess not exactly as “light and airy” as we intended!