This week each “Look-of-the-Day” will be inspired by a Spring flower.  Florals may not be our favorite trend, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be inspired by their natural beauty.  We actually have shown this dress before in our President’s Day article on Mrs. Obama, but we never got to discuss it at length.  This silk crepe frock was designed by one of the First Lady’s favorite artists, Maria Pinto, and worn in St. Paul when President Obama accepted the Democratic Nomination.  Michelle’s bright purple dress brought to mind flowerpots of pansies on a sunny spring day.  And while “pansy” is probably the least appropriate way to describe our nation’s tough “Mom-in-Chief,” it is certainly a flattering color on her beautiful skin.

3 thoughts on “Look-of-the-Day

  1. Pansies can withstand a late spring snow or spring rainstorm. Michelle can weather any storm – great choice!

    • Yes – I thought we had the original saved… I just googled pansies and it used to be one of the first pictures that popped up. It’s SO beautiful, I thought it was off of an online flower dictionary. I’ll have to do more research and find who took it…

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