An outfit from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World doesn’t seem like a film full of fashion inspiration, but Scott’s ex-girlfriend, rock-star “Envy Adams” has one fierce wardrobe.  Played by Brie Larson, of TV’s The United States of Tara, Envy’s look is dominated by black and white leather (or probably patent leather, as her new boyfriend is a vegan), hoop earrings, in-your-face accessories, dark nails and bright red lipstick.  Our favorite is this double-breasted, white leather coat with dark stitching and big black buttons.  Her slightly popped collar and glare show she’s not a chick to be messed with… and her style certainly makes her the envy of her many enemies.

4 thoughts on “Look-of-the-Day

  1. You should see her outfits from United States of Tara they are quite interesting…..

    • Yeah that show is nutty! I love some black/white dress she wore on the season finale, but I can’t find a pic of it. Maybe one of her work uniforms or the Princess costume… that girl is a freak!

  2. I think you mean “faux” leather.

    Patent leather is genuine leather with a high-gloss coat; so that wouldn’t make a difference for a vegan.

    • Good point – you’re right actually. REAL patent leather is the fancy stuff. People have ended up using that term for “pleather,” so a lot of faux leather is usually just plastic. And I fell into the same trap! Oops :) Haha, what’s funny about her coat though is that it looks like white leather in most of the photos, but since her character is a complete phony, that might be part of the joke.

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