Today marks Opening Day for theSkinnyStiletto‘s favorite baseball team, the New York Yankees.  Considering our editors’ mother and grandfather were born in the Bronx, there’s no other team we’ll ever love as much as our Bombers.  Today’s look comes from Pride of the Yankees, the 1942 drama about Lou Gehrig and his debilitating battle with ALS (better known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”)  His doting and modest wife, Eleanor, is played by the very cute Teresa Wright.  Here, she is donning quite a beautiful satin robe with white piping, and the letter “G” (for “Gehrig”) monogrammed on her lapel.  It makes us wonder why fashionable sleepwear went out of style (although, our editors still dress like it’s 1958 after 11 pm…)  Gehrig was definitely the pride of the Yankees… but the sweet Eleanor was the pride of Lou Gehrig.

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