The United States may have a fashion icon in the making in their White House, but France’s First Lady is a former model.  (We can’t imagine why the French have a reputation for being so glamorous!)  Carla Bruni, the Italian-born, French-raised fashionista is seen here in a bright purple Dior coat.  She wore it during a 2008 diplomatic meeting with then-British First Lady, Sarah Brown.  We were inspired by our sophisticated friend, Danielle, who was sporting a similarly chic look this weekend.  Although, we didn’t get to take a picture of her, so Carla had to fill in instead!  This shade is particularly flattering on brunettes, and since both of the stylish women are half-Italian, it’s no wonder they both look so beautiful in violet.  Their eye-catching outerwear is reminiscent of a crocus in bloom – seeing this pop of purple in March (in the garden, or the streets of Manhattan) is the first sign that winter is leaving us.  Au revoir snowy weather!

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