In honor of Colleen Atwood’s third Oscar win last Sunday, we chose our favorite costume of hers for this “Fancy Friday” pick.  Christina Ricci wears this vertical black and white striped, turn of the 19th Century gown in the final scene of Sleepy Hollow as Katrina Van Tassel in Tim Burton’s 1999 version.  Burton and Atwood designed this dress as an homage to Burton’s wacky lead character from Beetlejuice The dress is both sophisticated and gothic, like many of Atwood’s beautiful creations.  But this look is absolutely timeless…  One of our editors has a similarly-patterned Ralph Lauren button-down shirt, and recently purchased Victoria’s Secret silk pants with the same stripes (pictured right)!  Ichabod Crane and Katrina may have been scared of losing their heads, but we’d be more petrified of losing this fantastic frock!

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